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Reader Reviews : Write a Review of Your Cruise Ship and Cruise Vacation

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Is there something about your cruise vacation that you would like to share with other cruise travelers? If so, here's the place to submit your review. When planning a cruise, it's always helpful to see what others think about the cruise ship cabin, cuisine, indoor common area space, outdoor areas, entertainment, ports of call, and service.

Please add your pros and cons, but only one cruise per review. Be sure to add the cruise line, cruise ship, cruise dates, and cruise destination.

Archive of Hundreds of Cruise Reviews

Carnival Sunshine Cruise Review

Welcome to walmart!!!! This ship is TERRIBLE!!!! The food is almost unedible!!! No flavor, tough meat, cheap food. Buffet dry and flavorless!!!! Ship is old and hard to get around. I can't describe h…More

Carnival Breeze Cruise Review

Let me preface by saying I have been all over the Caribbean the past 10 years, but via all-inclusive and thought I would try a cruise with 8 of my other friends. I am very much a beach, off the beate…More

P&O Ventura Cruise Review

An excellent cruise on one of P&O's larger ships. Plenty to do and food & entertainment were excellent. The cabin we were allocated was a balcony cabin and there was plenty of storage space, a fridge…More

Royal Princess Cruise Review

The new Royal Princess might look glamorous, but is not comfortable. It is crowded and confusing. It takes forever to come down with elevators as it stops in every floor and it is always full.The Cab…More

Viking River Cruises Review

I would NEVER recommend a Viking tour. They've arranged our flights from Halifax to Amsterdam so we will be en route for 24 hours. I've flown to Europe (Malta, Portugal, Greece, etc.) 17 times and ha…More

Holland America Oosterdam Cruise Review

Prior to sailing my husband called Holland American at their 800 number and spoke with a C/S/R, regarding our upcoming trip to Alaska aboard the Oosterdam.The rep. told his that we were permitted to…More

Norwegian Epic Cruise Review

Just got back from the Mediterranean cruise from Barcelona on the Epic. This ship is way too crowded! We tried to get breakfast at the Garden Cafe buffet at 7 a.m. and it is a total zoo. You have to …More

Grandeur of the Seas Cruise Review

This makes my 6th Cruise with Royal Caribbean. This Cruise was excellent. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. Easy Access to everything. I was in Stateroom 7064, do not remember the persons name wh…More

Disney Dream Cruise Review - Bahamas Cruise

Overall WELL worth the trip -- will definitely go again. Pros: Ship is beautiful, clean, service is outstanding, shows were amazing, food was delicious, activities were magical, islands (Blue Lagoon …More

Explorer of the Seas Cruise Review

First time cruising celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary. Everything was perfect (temperature could have been 10 degrees warmer but the cruise line does not control that). The staff from the capt…More

Royal Caribbean Explorer of the Seas Cruise Review

I planned this cruise one year in advanced. This was my third cruise and I was very disappointed. I expected more from one of the best cruise lines The staff was great, especially the room steward an…More

Norwegian Epic Cruise Review

I would like to say for a first time cruiser the epic was amazing. We took this cruise to celebrate our 25 anniversary and we enjoyed it very much. I must admit we were very nervous before we got the…More

Celebrity Millennium Cruise Review

From the group booking agent at Celebrity to her supervisor to the person in the President's office who takes complaints, the service was awful. They don't call back. They admitted that they lost a c…More

Norwegian Epic Cruise Review

I have been on a lot of ships in the past and this was by far the WORST ride ever! She bobbed like a top heavy cork,,,,,, in calm sea over 18knots. One good wave (a rogue) and she probably would hav…More

Island Windjammers Diamant Cruise Review

The Diamant is a tall sailing ship (most English people have no idea what a windjammer is!) which is beautiful to look at from afar and while onboard. The 2 berth cabins are air-conditioned and have …More

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