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Pamukkale Calcium Formations and the Ancient Roman City of Hierapolis, Turkey


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Antique Pool of Pamukkale
Antique Pool of Pamukkale

The Roman ruins in the Antique Pool add to the ambiance of the area.

Pamukkale (c) Linda Garrison
The ancient Romans built the spa city of Hierapolis so that visitors could experience the therapeutic thermal baths. This Antique Pool has the remnants of old marble columns scattered across its floor, and it is still popular with modern tourists. There's a small fee to swim in the pool and lockers and changing rooms are available. Shops, a snack bar, and outdoor seating surround the Antique Pool.

According to a sign outside the pool written in five different languages, it is advertized as a cure all for many ailments. The sign reads:

"The Chemical Analysis of Antique Pool
Balneological Properties: Functional diseases of heart and blood pressure, chronic gastritis, obesity, constipation, catarrhal diseases of upper respiratory tract, chronic bronchitis, inflammatory rheumatic disorders in remission stages, postoperative rehabilitation of orthopedic operations." No wonder the pool is so popular!

Photo Tour of Pamukkale and Hierapolis, Turkey

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