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Holiday Shopping for Cruise Travelers

Buying a Gift for the Cruise Lover on Your Shopping List


Gift Buying for Cruise Lovers
People who love to cruise are often hard to buy for--at least that's what my friends and family tell me! There are lots of gifts out there for travelers. Here are a few suggestions.

How about a cruise or a gift certificate towards a cruise? You can purchase the gift of travel from a travel agent or a cruise line, and cruises continue to be a great value. I gave my parents a one-week cruise to the Caribbean ten years ago for less than $400 per person including fees. Today that same cruise is only about $500 per person! Airline vouchers also make good travel gifts.

There are several items in the electronic area that make good gifts. They can be grouped into (1) camera-related, (2) computer-related, and (3) miscellaneous "toys".

Camera-Related Gifts for Travelers
Camera-related items make great gifts. Travelers always like to bring home pictures to show their friends and family. Digital cameras are wonderful for travel, and most of us who have purchased them, love them. If your cruise lover already has a digital camera, consider buying them a camera accessory like an additional memory card, camera bag, compact camera belt case, or even photo paper for printing pictures. Small underwater cameras are perfect for snorkeling pictures and rafting trips and make terrific stocking stuffers.

Computer-Related Gifts for Travelers
Many cruise lovers are Internet-savvy. The Internet has opened up the world to those of us who love to plan travel. If your cruise lovers also love their computers, there are lots of gift ideas. A scanner to transfer old print photos to the Web can be purchased for less than $100. You could buy them a good color printer for about $200 or less. If you don't have time to shop, think about giving a one-year subscription to an Internet Service Provider. Classes for those who are receiving their first computer or who are new to the Internet are also a possibility.

My husband always likes to get a "toy" for Christmas. I guess some of us never grow up! About ten years ago I gave him his first handheld Global Positioning System (GPS). This electronic gadget uses satellite technology to give you the exact coordinates of where you are (or where you've been) in the world by latitude and longitude. It is great fun to use on a cruise and see the path the ship has traveled, how far you've been, and how fast you are going! Ronnie has updated his GPS several times over the past decade, and he uses it for hunting, fishing, and hiking. Other electronic gadgets good for travelers include iPads, smart phones, or PDAs or accessories for these electronic toys.

Miscellaneous Gifts for Travelers
There are many other items that make good gifts for travel lovers. I have compiled a list you can print out and take with you when you go shopping.

Good luck and don't let holiday shopping stress you out. Enjoy the season.

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