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Travel Gear and Gadgets for Cruise Lovers

Cruise shopping ideas and opportunities for cruise wear, guidebooks, cruise magazines and other travel "necessities".

Holiday Shopping for Cruise Travelers
Holiday gift ideas for cruise travelers - gifts to buy for friends and family and the cruise lover on your shopping list.

Before You Buy a Cruise
Ten questions you must be able to answer before you book your cruise vacation.

Before You Buy a Travel Guide Book
The About Budget Travel Guide gives you tips on buying travel guide books.

Before You Buy Airline Tickets
The About Honeymoons Guide tells you what you need to know before plunking down your credit card.

Before You Buy Anything to Create a Spa Experience at Home
If you've been on a cruise and LOVED the spa, maybe you'd like to create one in your home. Here are some tips from the About Guide to Spas.

Book Review - Mediterranean By Cruise Ship
Book review of excellent guide on ports of call and shore excursions for numerous ports in the Mediterranean Sea.

Cruise Ship or Ocean Liner Movies
Top movies that feature cruises or ocean liners as part of the movie theme. Compare prices and purchase cruise movies on DVD or VHS.

Dusk to Dawn - Last Night on the Titanic
Review of book by Paul J. Quinn on the last hours on the Titanic. Illustrated story starting at dinner on the last night and ending with the ship's sinking as told by the survivors.

Five Gifts for Travelers
The About Guide for Traveling with Kids provides 5 gifts for the adult traveler.

Great River Cruises - Europe and the Nile - Insight Guide - Book Review
Book review of the Insight Guide to Great River Cruises - Europe and the Nile

Handheld and Portable Weather Radios and Scanners
Cruise travelers are often fascinated by the wether, and one of the best ways to keep up with the weather is with a portable weather radio or scanner. Here are 10 good ones from the About Guide to Weather.

Offbeat Cruises & Excursions with Len Barnes
Mr. Barnes gives the reader a taste of 24 unusual and exotic cruise destinations. Interesting reading, especially if you are looking for new and different places to cruise.

Shop for Holiday Gifts While Cruising
If you buy gifts for friends and family while you are on a cruise, it will cut back on what you need to buy when the holidays roll around.

Top 10 Hawaii Guidebooks - General
There are, quite possibly, more guidebooks devoted to Hawaii than to any other state. Surprisingly, however, each of the top selections approaches the subject from a slightly different perspective, making each one a uniquely valuable aid for the astute traveler.

Titanic at Two a.m.
Riveting coffe table book on the last hours and minutes of the Titanic. Book is filled with illustrations and survivors' accounts of the tragedy.

Top 10 Travel Toys and Games
From soft toys for babies right up to games that pit your wits against your older kids-- here's ten suggestions for toys and games for family travelers.

Top 3 Australian Guide Books
Planning travel to Australia (or anywhere else for that matter) requires some knowledge of destinations, attractions, transportation and accommodation facilities, costs, and other basic information. Here are some top travel guides for visiting Australia.

Top 4 Mediterranean Cruise Guide Books
The Mediterranean is a wonderful cruise location, with interesting history, cultures, cities, and idyllic isles. These guide books will help you to efficiently plan your short time in port.

Top 5 Bed and Breakfast Cookbooks
One of the best parts about staying in a bed and breakfast is the delicious and unique breakfasts you get to eat. These cookbooks include recipes from professional innkeepers so you can recreate their magic touch in your own home.

Top 5 Guide and Travel Books about South America
From the About Guide to South America. There are dozens of fine guide and travel books written by and for visitors to South America. Here you'll find some books covering South America as a whole, some brand new issues, some old favorites.

Top 5 Guidebooks to the Netherlands
If your cruise to Northern Europe includes Amsterdam as a port of call, these guidebooks will help you plan your cruise. Or, if you are taking a small ship river or barge cruise on the Holland canals, use these books to learn more about the Netherlands.

Top Alaska Travel Guide Books
Alaska is one of the most popular summer cruise destinations. These books will help you plan a cruise tour to the Last Frontier - Alaska.

Top Caribbean Cruise Guidebooks
The Caribbean is a favorite destination for many cruise lovers. These books will help you plan your time in the ports of call to make your stay a memorable one.

Top Coffee Table Travel Books
Most cruise travelers love to read about cruising and traveling. They also love to look at pictures of cruise ships. Here are some great books to use as reference materials and as conversation starters.

Top Cruise and Travel Magazines
If you are not cruising, the next best thing is to be reading and planning your next trip. These travel magazines will help you while away the time until you're back on the sea again.

Top Cruise Guidebooks - General Information
Books with general information on cruise ships, cruise lines and the cruise experience. Most of these books profile the ships and cruise lines to help you choose the right cruise for you.

Top Cruise Movies
Here are nine cruise movies that were set on a cruise ship or ocean liner. None of these movies starred Tom Cruise, but if you love cruising you might love these movies.

Mobal GSM World Phone - International Cell Phone
Review of the Mobal GSM World Phone, which is an excellent choice for those who travel outside the USA for just a few weeks each year.

Travelpro WalkAbout Lite Luggage
Review of Travelpro WalkAbout Lite rollaboard luggage

Book Review: Fodor's Caribbean Ports of Call - 2009
Review of the 2009 Fodor's Caribbean Ports of Call, which is a great resource for those cruising to the Caribbean

About Shopping
Links to hundreds of online shopping opportunities from About Shopping.

1 World Sarongs
Sarongs make perfect cruise wear, and 1 World Sarongs has a good selection of sarongs, clothes, beads, jewelry, art, gifts and more.

Amazon.com Travel Books
Direct link to Amazon's wide list of travel related books.

Big on Batik - Women's Cruise Clothing
Online clothing store for plus and supersized women, sized 1X to 6X. All of the garments are made in Bali using the batik dye technique, and the clothes make great cruise or resort wear for all sorts of activities from casual to evening wear.

Bridgetown Cruise Terminals, Inc.
Links to information on contacting all the duty free shops at the Bridgetown cruise terminal.

Briggs & Riley Travelware
Wide-variety of high quality luggage available online or at retailers around the USA.

Columbian Emeralds International

Island Companies, Ltd.
The online store for this Grand Cayman Island chain. Shop in advance for jewelry, leather, artwork, and souvenirs.

Henri Willig Dutch Cheese Gifts
We visited this cheese shop near Edam in the Netherlands while on a cruise on the Viking River Cruise ship the Viking Europe. The cheese I bought at the shop beat me home!

Easy Going Travel Shop & Bookstore
This cruise travel shop claims to have "everything for the traveler except the tickets." The co-founder of Easy Going is the author of The Packing Book: Secrets of the Carry On Traveler, available for purchase on the site.

Diamonds International
This is the St. Maarten-based jeweler you saw while in the islands. You can't purchase online, but you can view their catalog and place orders via telephone. Site also sells some watches in addition to jewelry.

The latest thing you can buy online--MONEY.  Chase will deliver any of 75 different foreign currencies to your door before you leave home.

Cruise Line Formal
Want to wear a tuxedo but don't want to have to buy one? Cruise Line Formal will deliver directly to your stateroom.

Have you ever gotten home from a cruise and wished you had purchased one more carving from Bali, or one more zapotec rug in Mexico?  Novica sells fine arts and crafts from around the world, direct from the artisans. 

Norm Thompson
Online version of popular catalog store with lots of "no-wrinkle" clothing that all travelers love.

Motion Sickness
Some cruisers need medication to ward off sea sickness, and consider it an essential cruise buy. Here is a site with a proposed remedy. You'll need a doctor's prescription for this one.

Minimus - For All Your Travel Size Item Needs
Looking for travel size items of your favorite products? Minimus.biz has hundreds of travel size items in stock at this site.

Magellan's Travelers' Catalog
Got a passion for travel? This company has all sorts of "must haves" for the consummate shopper, including wrinkle-free clothing, travel health and first aid needs, luggage, and electronics.

Luggage Pros
Luggage Pros offers discount luggage, business cases, travel accessories and more. Includes free shipping on orders over $100.

Little Switzerland
This familiar duty free retailer offers its jewelry items online. If you have a question about a piece of jewelry, you can chat live with a representative on your computer or call a toll-free number.

Journals Unlimited, Inc.
This company sells journals of all types. A great gift idea. Use the Vacation Journal to write down your vacation memories so they will last forever.

Lightravels Illuminated Maps - World and USA Maps
Do you love maps and showing your friends and family where you have cruised? If so, you might enjoy one of these Lightravels Illuminated Maps. The maps come with small light pegs in various colors to track your voyages. This could be a great gift for the cruise lover in your family.

Upper Deck Cruise Wear
Bon voyage gifts, ladies' swim wear, and robes are all featured at this Web site.

Unclaimed Baggage Center
Have you ever lost your luggage permanently while on your way to or from a cruise?  If you have, it may have ended up here.  Interesting site, but the "treasures" they have found is even more so.

Offers "versatile, wrinkle-free, lightweight, easy-to-pack travel clothes, indestructible luggage and innovative travel essentials that assure maximum comfort and minimum hassle on the road."  Site mirrors their paper catalog.

If you can't keep your feet out of the water, you need a pair of these sandals.  They are practically indestructible and a must-have for adventure trips.

TravelPro Luggage
TravelPro makes some of the best luggage in the business, including ultra-light bags for those of us who tend to pack "heavy".

Traveler's Disposable Toilet Seat Covers
Clean Sleeve is a disposable plastic cover that slips over those public restroom toilet seats we all dread while on shore excursions.  It can be applied without ever touching the seat! 

Territory Ahead
"Clothes for the Journey" is their motto, and they have some good looking, distinctive items for sale.

Everything for Under the Sun, including Maui Jim Sunglasses and Costa Del Mar, Caribbean Soul apparel, Key West Aloe products and more.

South Seas Imports
Get hooked on Tahitian products while on your cruise to the South Pacific? This Los Angeles-based firm specializes exclusively in products imported from Tahiti and the islands of French Polynesia.

Solomon's Mines
If you've been to the Bahamas, you have seen this duty free shop, which has been on Bay Street in Nassau since 1908. You can't buy online, but you can check out their online catalog and call a toll-free number to order.

Photoboat Memory Display
Do you have a great cruise photo you would like to display on your desk? A photoboat has the main sail inkjet printed with your photo and your name or message is printed on the jib sail.

Reflections - Maritime Photos
This site has hundreds of old photographs for sale including many with a maritime theme.

OneDerWear - Disposable Cotton Underwear
OneDerWear is a line of 100% Cotton Disposable undergarments. OneDerWear is available in 3 styles for women and 2 styles for men. OneDerWear is great for cruises, because it takes away the hassle of having to re-pack dirty underwear or having to wash dirty underwear in the sink...with OneDerWear you simply wear and toss!

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