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Falkland Islands - South America and Antarctic Port of Call


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New Island of the Falkland Islands - Cruise Ship Port of Call
Falklands - New Island Landscape

The landscape and climate of the Falklands is much like that of Great Britain and Scotland

Falklands (c) Linda Garrison
New Island is the most southwesterly island of the Falklands, and is about 8 miles long and 1/2 mile wide. The landscape of New Island was much like that of parts of Scotland. The hilly island is wind swept and covered with high brown grass and peat bogs. Like the rest of the Falklands, New Island does not have any native trees, although there are some shrubs and bushes. We all loved walking across this island and seeeing the ducks, geese, and rabbits along the way.

Many people think that the Falklands are cold and snow covered. Interestingly, although the Falklands are usually very windy, the islands have a narrow temperature range. The Falklands are about as close to the South Pole as London is to the North Pole, and the climate is temperate year-round. It rarely snows, and when it does, it rarely sticks.

Note the Hanseatic in the photo at the top of this page in picturesque South Harbour of New Island. The "red creatures" seen in this photo are some of the Hanseatic passengers hiking back to the Zodiacs. We leave New Island excited to continue our adventure. Our next stop is Carcass Island.

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