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A Day at the Estancia Santa Susana - Buenos Aires Cruise Ship Shore Excursion


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Boleadoras - The Argentine Gaucho's Equivalent to the Cowboy's Lariat
Buenos Aires, Argentina Gaucho Boleadoras

Boleadoras are used by Argentine gauchos much like lariats, but they are also found in folk dances.

Buenos Aires Photo (c) Linda Garrison
One man in the Estancia Santa Susana show at the ranch near Buenos Aires did a folk dance with bolas, which are also called boleadoras. The boleadoras are used by gauchos to bring down wayward calves. The boleadoras are the gaucho equivalent of a lariat and consist of three hard balls made of stone or wood covered with leather thongs and attached to long ropes. The gauchos whirl them around their heads and throw the boleadoras at the feet of the calves, who become entangled and fall. I don't know how he kept from tangling himself with the flying boleadoras. Ronnie and I agreed that we would have either knocked ourselves out or thrown them into the audience!

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