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South America Cruise on the Silver Whisper


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Silversea Silver Whisper at anchor in Puerto Montt, Chile

The Silver Whisper quietly sits at anchor in Puerto Montt, Chile, the last port of call on a cruise around the tip of South America. The snow-capped Calbuco Volcano towers in the distance.

Silver Whisper (c) Linda Garrison
Cruising around the southern tip of South America has long been a dream of mine. I have visited South America several times on cruise ships, most recently on the Silver Spirit. I also completed a lifelong "bucket list" item when I saw Machu Picchu and Peru's Sacred Valley a few years ago. However, I had never sailed from the Atlantic to the Pacific Oceans (except through the Panama Canal). There's something enticing about following the routes of historic explorers into new seas and new places, and Magellan's first voyage through the strait that bears his name was certainly an historic journey. Lucky for us, today's travelers can re-create this South America voyage on a number of cruise ships, without having to face the challenges of the first European explorers.

I flew to Buenos Aires for a 16-day cruise on the small luxury ship the Silver Whisper. We cruised south along the Atlantic coast of South America and passed through the Strait of Magellan before heading north along the coast of Chile to Valparaiso. Having sailed around the tip of Africa on the Silver Wind, it was only fitting to have another marvelous Silversea experience around the tip of South America.

This South America cruise itinerary visited only a few places that are familiar to most North American or European cruise travelers. Much of our time ashore was spent exploring frontier towns, viewing wildlife, or touring Patagonia and the Chilean fjords. I can't think of a better way to see the coastline of Argentina and Chile than from a ship.

In addition to seven sea days, our Silver Whisper cruise included the following ports of call:

The Silver Whisper had also planned to visit Port Stanley in the Falkland Islands, but bad weather kept the captain from launching the tenders, and we never got ashore.

Join me on a cruise on the Silver Whisper.

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