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Silversea Silver Whisper Dining


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Le Champagne - Relais & Chateaux Wine Restaurant
Le Champagne - Relais & Chateaux Wine Restaurant

Dining at Le Champagne is a fascinating tour of great food and great wines.

Silver Whisper (c) Linda Garrison
Le Champagne is the wine restaurant on the Silver Whisper. The restaurant has a series of menus (eight on our 16-day cruise) designed in collaboration with Relais & Chateaux Master Chef Jacques Thorel. Each of the menus reflects a region of the world known for its wines (e.g. Bordeaux, Burgundy, Italy, North America). The dinners pair each item on the menu with a dish from the region. It's a wonderful experience for those who appreciate fine wines and good food.

Reservations are required and the surcharge is $30 per person, which includes the gourmet dinner and house wines.

My mom and I celebrated our December birthdays with the "A Journey through Italy" dinner at Le Champagne. Although we didn't have the wine pairing experience, we both loved the menu and thought the dinner, presentation, and service was well worth the $30 surcharge. (See a picture of each menu item by clicking on the link below.)

A Journey through Italy

The other Le Champagne dinner menus are just as impressive.

Dining Options on the Silversea Silver Whisper

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