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Silver Spirit - Accommodations


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Silver Suite Bedroom
The bedroom in a Silver Spirit Silver Suite

The bedroom in a Silver Spirit Silver Suite is spacious, quiet, and very comfortable.

Silver Spirit (c) Linda Garrison
The 36,000-ton, 540-guest Silver Spirit has some of the best accommodations afloat. The ship has five different types of accommodations, ranging in size (and price) from the apartment-sized Owner's Suites to the veranda-less Vista suites. Although the Vista suites are the smallest accommodations on the Silver Spirit, they are still 312 square feet, which is quite spacious when compared to other cruise ships. Bottom line--there's not a small or "bad" cabin on the Silver Spirit.

On my first cruise on the Silver Spirit, I stayed in a Veranda suite, which is the most prevalent cabin category on the ship. The second time I sailed on the Silver Spirit, I stayed in a Silver Suite, and was I spoiled! As the photos on the next five pages demonstrate, this suite is a wonderful place to stay. The suite is almost too nice--I was tempted to "stay in" more often than when sailing in a less luxurious accommodation!

Each of the 26 Silver Suites on the Silver Spirit measures 742 square-feet, and all are located on decks 10 and 11. The Silver Suites have a separate bedroom, living and dining area, huge walk-in closet, and a bath with both a tub and a shower and dual sinks. The toilet is in a separate room with an additional sink. The only confusing (and somewhat comical) thing about this suite is that it has ten doors--the door to the hallway; 2 sliding glass doors leading to a large (118 square foot) veranda with a nice chaise, three chairs, and a table; 3 doors to the walk-in closet; a door between the bedroom and sitting room; and 3 doors to the bathroom. The cabin is kind of square, so all the doors link the various parts together. It's funny that the bedroom has four doors (two to the closet, one to the sitting area, and one to the bathroom), which can be kind of challenging to figure out how to get to the toilet in the middle of the night. Despite all these doors, the suite manages to be both luxurious and functional.

Let's take a tour of a Silver Spirit Silver Suite.

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