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Regent Seven Seas Voyager - Cruise Ship Profile and Tour


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Regent Seven Seas Voyager - Overview of Luxury Mid-Sized Cruise Ship
Seven Seas Voyager at the Dock in Sydney

Seven Seas Voyager at the Dock in Sydney

Seven Seas Voyager (c) Linda Garrison
The 700-passenger Seven Seas Voyager has a 59 to 1 space per guest ratio, one of the highest of any cruise ship. The crew of 445 provide excellent service, meeting the needs and demands of the passengers 24 hours a day. Management of the luxury ship have captured both the intimacy of a small ship and some of the variety of facilities and dining options of a much larger ship. Since drinks are included, the almost all-inclusive fare adds to the relaxed atmosphere. You won't find anyone whining about having to pull their room card out every five minutes for an additional charge!

The Seven Seas Voyager does not have any rock climbing, ice skating, or bowling alleys, but she does have a pool and plenty of deck space to sit in the sun and enjoy cruising. The Seven Seas Voyager also has a private balcony for every cabin; four interesting, diverse dining venues; interesting lecturers; fun onboard activities; and an excellent fitness center and spa.

The Seven Seas Voyager starts each year with a 100+-day world cruise, spends her summers in northern Europe, autumns in the Mediterranean, and December in the Caribbean. I sailed on a pre-inaugural cruise on the Seven Seas Voyager in March 2003 and again on the 20-day Sydney to Shanghai segment of the 2008 world cruise, covering 5,640 miles and 10 glorious days at sea. This 10-page article profiles the Seven Seas Voyager. To view my photos and learn more about things to do at our Australian and Asian ports of call, click on one of the links below.

Let's take a tour of the Seven Seas Voyager.

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