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Seabourn Odyssey - Adriatic Sea Cruise Travel Log


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Mykonos, Greece
Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos, Greece

Myknonos (c) Linda Garrison
Our next port was the Greek island of Mykonos, which is known far and wide as a party and beach island. We enjoyed room service breakfast and then took the shuttle from the pier to the small town. Juanda and I were in town about 3 hours, browsing the shops and slowly sipping a 6 euro diet coke at a sidewalk cafe. (A wine or beer would have been cheaper!) It was very windy, but still perfect weather, and we managed to find a sidewalk cafe out of the wind with a terrific view of the water and the famous Mykonos windmills. I guess the diet coke was worth one euro, and the seat with a view five.

Myknonos is considered a quintessential Greek isle, covered with low, whitewashed buildings and houses, domed churches, old windmills, and narrow winding pedestrian streets lined with shops and brilliant flowers. Other than the red bougainvillea, the other predominant splashes of color are bright blue, which is found on the shutters and domes of the churches. Shoppers can spend hours (and do) in the numerous jewelry, clothing, and artisan shops. Many cruise ships and ferries visit Mykonos each year, and its popularity is well-deserved.

Many who travel to Mykonos take a small boat to the nearby island of Delos, which is celebrated as the birthplace of Apollo and his twin sister Artemis. Delos is uninhabited and one of the most revered sanctuaries of ancient Greece. Our Seabourn Odyssey cruise featured shore excursions to Delos and an island tour by bus. When we visited Mykonos on this trip in October, the beaches were closed, but they are always packed with tourists in the summer.

Our last evening on the Seabourn Odyssey, we dined in Restaurant 2, the small tasting restaurant on deck 8 near the pool and the Colonnade. It is all decorated in red and black. The menu is set, but changes daily (7 menus per week). It features many dishes in at least 5 or more courses, but only a small bite of each. The presentation is exquisite. We shared a table for 6 with two couples who were both staying on another week (about 200 passengers were doing so).

After dinner, we returned to the suite to finish packing. We did have one minor (and very funny) event. When putting the luggage outside a little before midnight, we managed to both get locked outside of the cabin in our pajamas! Since Juanda had on lovely linen pajamas and I only had a short cotton nightshirt on, I made her go to the reception area at Seabourn Square to get someone to let us in. Good thing it was late and her pajamas were lovely and very "covered up". One couple came by the cabin while I was hovering next to the door. They asked it they could help, and I had to admit what we had done. I could hear them snickering down the hallway. The next day, I saw the same couple at disembarkation, and the guy just broadly smiled and said I looked a little different with my clothes on. I didn't bother trying to explain to those sitting/standing nearby.

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