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Seabourn Odyssey - Adriatic Sea Cruise Travel Log


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Bari and Alberobello, Italy from the Seabourn Odyssey
Trulli Houses in Alberobello, Italy near Bari on the Adriatic Sea

Trulli Houses in Alberobello, Italy near Bari on the Adriatic Sea

Trulli in Alberobello (c) Linda Garrison
The Seabourn Odyssey docked in Bari, Italy the next day, and we did a shore excursion to see Alberobello and its amazing trulli houses. Bari is on the Adriatic Sea on the southeastern coast of Italy. This is definitely olive country, and it seemed like we saw many of the 6 million olive trees of the Apulia (also called Puglia) region while on our tour.

The ship arrived at Bari about 8 am, and our tour to the World Heritage site at Alberobello left at 8:45. This town is filled with over 1000 trulli, traditional white-washed houses with conical rock roofs. It was fascinating to see this construction technique, which has survived for hundreds of years. Alberobello is definitely a tourist town, and we had a guided tour after our 1.25-hour ride from Bari. Even after learning about how the homes were built, I'm still amazed the construction process works. It was fun to see inside of one of the homes, and tourists can even spend the night in a trulli house.

One small problem, which was a little comical. Another Seabourn ship, the Seabourn Spirit, was docked in nearby Monopoli, and the guests also had a tour bus to Alberobello. Unfortunately, the tour company labeled their Alberobello bus Seabourn #3, the same as our bus number! We had two people missing for over 30 minutes after our appointed time back on the bus. They had boarded the wrong Seabourn bus #3! Our guide was quite upset with the tour company. What's even funnier was that the poor couple (who weren't that old) didn't have a clue they were on the wrong bus. Moral of the story is always take a good look at your guide and driver when on a tour.

On the way back from Alberobello, the tour stopped at a lovely hotel surrounded by olive orchards for a light lunch of small pizzas, bread, grilled veggies, mozzarella cheese, fruit salad, and red wine. Nice lunch and just the right amount.

We all napped a little on the ride back to Bari, arriving at the Seabourn Odyssey about 2:15. We spoke to some fellow passengers who had taken the white Ostuni and olive oil tasting excursion, and they loved it, so I'll have an excuse to return to Bari and Apulia.

We enjoyed a delightful dinner with the two couples we had met at the Marriott Courtyard in Venice. It was so much fun, our table was the last group to leave the restaurant. Juanda and I both had prawns and roasted tomato soup. I also had a wonderful carpaccio beef appetizer. The surprise of our dinner was the nightly bon bons. The night before, the dark chocolate ones were frozen and filled with chocolate ice cream. That night they looked like truffles--dark chocolate filled with dark chocolate. The surprise was that the dark chocolate filling was laced with wasabi (hot green Chinese horseradish)! Very interesting, and we were continually impressed with the quality and presentation of the food in all the Seabourn Odyssey dining venues.

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