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Ruby Princess Cruise Ship


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Ruby Princess - More New Features
Ruby Princess - Movies Under the Stars

Ruby Princess - Movies Under the Stars

Ruby Princess Photo (c) Linda Garrison
In addition to the features discussed on the previous page, the Ruby Princess includes other small, but important touches. Since guests on the Ruby Princess enjoyed these features, many have been incorporated into other Princess ships. When added together, they all make the cruise experience more memorable.

For example, in the Horizon Court buffet, fresh, cooked-to-order waffles are available at breakfast and throughout lunchtime, and the buffet now serves complimentary lemonade as a beverage choice. In the evening, several of the ship's public lounges offer a selection of canapes.

Cruisers like me who need to stay connected will certainly appreciate additional wireless hotspots around the Ruby Princess, including in the cabins. The ship is also equipped so that passengers can use their personal cellular phones, if they have international roaming plans, while onboard. I certainly used the WiFi a lot during our eastern Caribbean cruise vacation, and it worked well from our cabin.

The Ruby Princess has many onboard activities that appeal to cruisers, and one "back of house" tour is a best seller. This "Ultimate Ship Tour" offers passengers an exclusive opportunity to experience an array of areas that are key to a ship's daily operations. The Ruby Princess "Ultimate Ship Tour" gives passengers the chance to explore beyond the public areas with visits to the ship's engine control room, medical center, print shop, laundry, photo lab, funnel, bridge and other spaces. In addition to getting a rare insider's view of many areas typically seen only by the ship's crew, participants will receive a variety of themed mementos at many of the stops along the route. The number of guests who can participate in this tour is limited, so be sure to book early.

In addition to all of these new features, the Ruby Princess continues to include many of the design, cuisine, and entertainment elements found on its sister ships. Let's tour the ship, starting with the dining options.

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