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Royal Caribbean Navigator of the Seas Cruise Review

Short Cruise to Cozumel on the Navigator of the Seas

By K. Luther

Cruise Line: Royal Caribbean International
Cruise Ship: Navigator of the Seas
Cruise Destination: Western Caribbean and Cozumel
Cruise Dates: January 10 - January 14,2008
Guest Contributor: K. Luther

Enthusiastic & helpful staff and performers, along with bombastic cruise director made this short trip to Cozumel a quick recharge after the holidays. Two stage shows along with an ice show kept us entertained along the way. The food was above average and the staff couldn't be more friendly. A juggler and a comedian rounded out the entertainment; they, along with live musicians made the cruise memorable. Book the rooms overlooking the 5th floor promenade to view the street parades without leaving your stateroom. If you're interested, the lessons by the iceskating dancers are straightforward and quick to learn.

The Cozumel destination was a quick 12-hour turnaround, but great for meeting the locals in the inner town of San Miguel. Purchasing the fountain Diet Coke prepaid card seemed like a good value, but my husband found them to be undrinkable. Every bar was tried, but to no avail. The upper dining room ran out of syrup and was not replaced. The only decent drinks came from 2 litre bottles used when the fountains ran out.

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