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Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas Cruise Review

Caribbean Cruise on the Liberty of the Seas

By Ernie

Cruise Line: Royal Caribbean International
Cruise Ship: Liberty of the Seas
Cruise Dates: June 2, 2007
Cruise Destination: Caribbean
Guest Contributor: Ernie

The Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas fell way short of expectations. We have cruised many times before with Carnival, and this year we wanted to try Royal Caribbean and compare the experience. The overall result fell way short of our expectations, considering the price we paid. We were expecting similar if not better results than those experienced with Carnival. In the end the service was poor, the quality and variety of the food very poor, the staff was very unfriendly, many of the amenities were closed for the duration of the cruise, and last but not least, a new ship with only two previous sailings was infected with the norovirus. Needless to say we will never cruise with Royal Caribbean again.

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