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Royal Caribbean Sovereign of the Seas Cruise Review

Cruise to the Bahamas on the RCI Sovereign of the Seas - Page 3

By Mary & Vincent Finelli

Suite #1550 is wheelchair accessible. When entering, on the left is the huge bathroom with safety rails all around and a 5'x5' shower. The single sink has a mirrored medicine chest with ample shelves for toiletries. There is a TV console and refrigerator, but alas, no private safe. There is a very high and comfortable king size bed with new linens and draperies. When entering on the right, there is a mirrored triple armoire with many wooden hangers, a large desk/vanity with lighted mirrors and many drawers. There are two comfortable chairs and a small glass coffee table. The far wall is slanted glass panels floor to ceiling and a sliding door to the balcony (these balconies were added to Deck 10 suites in dry dock). Here are two chairs, a table and our Cabin Steward St. Elmore Lyttle kindly added a chaise lounge for Vincent. St. Elmore and his two assistants Franklyn Carmone and Merle Mendez made us feel right at home. The colors were similar to other older RCI ships: blue, maroon, gold, etc.

Cruise Director Chris Armas is young, handsome, has terrific manners and his pleasant voice over the intercom system warmly informs passengers and entices them to join in many activities like Quest treasure hunts and a Bar-B-Que on Cococay, RCI's private Bahamian Island. Entertainment in the Follies included comedians Jeffrey Jena and Rick Corso, both were good. The RCI Singers and Dancers were enthusiastic. There was great music at various venues and parties hosted by the crew: dancing, swimming, jogging, rock wall climbing, and much else to keep the passengers busy. Though the newest RCI ships offer even more entertainment opportunities, these older and smaller ships have a charm given to them by the close knit friendly crews.

Sept. 5, 2005 Port Canaveral.
The Kennedy Space Center is the major attraction here.

Sept. 6, 2005 Cococay, Bahamas Arrive 8:00am Depart 6:30pm
There is a great Beach Party, Bar-B-Que, water sports and cash only shopping here.

Sept. 7, 2005 Nassau, Bahamas Arrive Midnight Depart 12:30am next day.
We visited Paradise Island with Atlantis and its famous Aquarium.

Sept. 8, 2005 At Sea

Sept. 9, 2005 Ft. Lauderdale.

We sailed out of Port Canaveral within sight of a weather phenomenon, the water spout. We came full circle when Captain Brearley announced Thursday evening that we would not return to Cape Canaveral Friday morning. Because another weather phenomenon Hurricane Ophelia was off shore, we would instead go south and dock in Ft. Lauderdale. Thus, we disembarked in Ft. Lauderdale, just fifteen minutes from our home town Boca Raton. The passengers were bussed back to Port Canaveral (3 hours away). We waved good-bye to Glades Road as we passed, and good-bye to our "best laid plans." We must admit that Captain Brearley made a good decision to avoid rough seas and bring the Sovereign safely into Ft. Lauderdale. On board we had a last pleasant night (no rocking and rolling on high seas) and what could have been a logistical problem of moving almost 3,000 passengers in many directions was simply and easily executed. The crew worked all night and arranged flight tickets for many, and in the morning a caravan of fifty busses left for Port Canaveral, like clock work. We were on the first bus to arrive in Port Canaveral. We got off and the RCI port crew was loading passengers onto the same busses and sending the new passengers to Ft. Lauderdale to begin their cruise on the Sovereign. Congratulations RCI you took good care of us all.

Even though we had a wonderful cruise on the refurbished Sovereign and the officers and staff, beginning with the Captain all the way down to waiters, offered us the best possible reception and courtesy, this older ship could not offer us the same quality cruising we have been accustomed on newer RCI ships. Of course this is understandable, since the newer ships have much more to offer in respect to facilities, conveniences and public areas than the Sovereign. However, this ship is ideal for those people who do not have sufficient time for longer cruises or who may want to try a short cruise just to get the flavor of sailing before attempting longer ones. Definitely, these short cruises offer great vacation value, which include good food, great service, beach days, entertainment, etc. We may be back, but for now we are looking forward to cruising on newer ships, such as the Carnival Glory on Oct. 1st, the Star Princess on Oct. 23rd, Navigator of the Seas on Dec. 3rd, Costa Magica on Jan. 8th, 2006 and the Freedom of the Seas in Sept. 24th, 2006, and possibly some other cruise in between the last two. Happy Cruising!

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