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Chef's Patio Dinner on the Regatta

Dining Venues on the Regatta Cruise Ship of Oceania Cruises


Once each cruise, guests in the 10 suites are treated to a dinner designed and prepared by the executive chef. See below the photo for more information.
Chef's Patio Table Setting on the Regatta

Chef's Patio Table Setting on the Regatta

Oceania Regatta (c) Linda Garrison
The Chef's Patio dinner is designed and prepared by the Regatta executive chef. It is served exclusively (at no extra charge) to the guests in the 10 suites one night each cruise. The dinner is normally served poolside under the stars. However, the night of our Chef's Patio dinner, we were sailing and it was a little windy, so they roped off a corner of the pool deck and set up with elegant tables. The chef had a cooking/plating table nearby, and some of the butlers helped with the serving. The chef bought fresh ingredients in port. He then created a masterful dinner. When you only have to cook for 20 or less, you can really devote more time to presentation and complex dishes than when you are cooking for hundreds.

Only 17 people were at the dinner. One of our dinner companions was a professional photographer from San Francisco who specializes in cookbooks and food photography. She is working with Oceania on their first cookbook. I'm sure frequent Oceania cruisers will be delighted to hear that the cruise line is coming out with a cookbook!

Here's our menu. All dishes were perfectly sized, leaving us wanting more, and exquisitely, yet simply presented.

  • Amuse Bouche - Jicama (like a Mexican radish) and cilantro salad with avocado oil and tequila. The jicama was very thinly sliced for this small dish. Delicious!
  • Starter - two small ceviches - one of tuna and the other of scallops. I love raw tuna, and when you add lime juice (to make the ceviche) and some herbs, it makes an outstanding dish. I could have made a meal of the tuna.
  • Appetizer - Mexican barley casserole with fresh cactus. This was mom's favorite. It tasted much better than it sounds. The cactus added a little bitter taste to the dish. Very interesting flavor.
  • Main course - either pan fried fillet of fresh grouper or slow roasted rack of lamb with herb crust. Both were accompanied by vegetable fajitas. Mom had the lamb and I got the grouper. They left the skin on the grouper, and it was crunchy and delicious. I tasted mom's lamb and it was yummy, too.
  • Dessert -- mango mousse with passion fruit creme and lime and basil sorbet. The serving dish included both desserts, and we all especially liked the sorbet. Who would ever think that basil would be good addition to sorbet?
They also served petit four and mignardise (small candies/chocolates, etc.) but no one at our table tried a single one.

All in all, one of the best meals I've had anywhere - land or sea.

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