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Star Princess Cruise Review

Cruise to the Baltic on the Star Princess - Boarding, Passengers, and Cabin

By Bill T.

Little Mermaid of Copenhagen, Denmark

Little Mermaid of Copenhagen, Denmark

Cruise Line: Princess Cruises
Cruise Ship: Star Princess
Cruise Destination: Northern Europe, Scandinavia, and Baltic
Cruise Dates: July 2005
Guest Contributor: BillT

My wife and I just returned from our 10 night Baltic Cruise on board the Star Princess. Whilst our memories are fresh we thought it might be useful to write a review before we forget any of the ideas we want to mention. The review is split into 2 parts : the ship itself; and the ports of call.

I was celebrating my 40th birthday, and my wife just a couple of years younger. We thought we would be just about the youngest passengers - in fact that was not the case at all. There were several couples in their twenties and thirties, plus a lot of large family groups, ranging in age from zero right up to grand parents. It was right in the middle of the summer holidays which probably also added to a younger overall age group. All that being said, we felt it was good to have a large range in ages - it meant that activities on and off the ship were targeted at all people, and gave a lively feel to proceedings.

As far as nationalities of passengers -- at a rough guess I would say approximately 60% were American, 25% European, and a reasonable number of Mexicans.

Now onto a review of the Star Princess --

Boarding the Star Princess
We boarded extremely quickly. We arrived at the port at 1.30pm, and within 10 minutes were in our cabins. Princess and the Danish authorities deserve praise for the speed of this. It was slick, and very efficient. Likewise, our luggage arrived just minutes after that. Very impressive. As for the timing of other passengers, it was fairly equal throughout the day. Most boarded between the 1:00pm and 4:00pm slot.

Cabin on the Star Princess
We took a risk and booked an inside cabin. We are glad we saved the money. The cabin was really quite spacious, nicely decorated, and never for a minute did we feel claustrophobic. There was a very large amount of hanging and clothes space. Where the window would have been, there was a large mirror. This was the first time we had ever had an inside cabin, and we would do it again (on this ship). The money saved, approximately US$300 per person went a long way to paying for the shore excursions, drinks on board etc. One important note -- on this Baltic Cruise you only have one day at sea. The rest you are on shore. This negated the need for a window or balcony. Trust me you are going to be out all day, and have no time for sitting on verandahs!

Food on the Star Princess
This is a touchy subject, as everyone has differing opinions on cuisine. For us, we felt this was the weakest part of the cruise. Yes, you have several dining options, but none of them we felt was really that impressive (as far as taste goes). That's just our opinion. Don't expect top quality. We've had better on other lines. However, full marks to Princess for its "Personal Choice Dining." This eliminates fixed seating. You can dine in the main dining rooms at any time you wish. There are pros and cons to this. If you don't book, you can expect to stand in line for some time.

Conclusion: make sure you reserve in the morning for the time slot you want. You are allowed to, and you'll be glad you did. For those that didn't you'll be given a pager, and have to wait in line. There is traditional fixed seating for those that prefer. Early and late sitting. This is in a separate dining room. Same food, just you have to stick to your times.

A brief summary of the various food and drink outlets:

  • Horizon Court - this is the buffet restaurant. Open 24 hours, with a wide range of food. Quality - what you would expect from a buffet line. Dinner is definitely better than lunch, which was fairly poor. Breakfast is good. Most people dined there for breakfast.

  • Portofino & Capri - these are the 2 main dining rooms, split onto different floors. There is no staircase linking them, so you have to go to one or the other. These are Personal Choice Dining only - meaning no fixed seating - so you turn up when you want. But remember to book if you don't want to wait. The vast majority of people ate dinner in these 2 rooms. You are allowed to book a table for just the 2 of you if you want. Likewise for 4. The menu changes nightly, but some items remain each night. For example Steak, Caesar salad, and some other items are available any day. Food quality is ok, but not exceptional. The good -- lobster thermidor, beef Wellington. The bad -- soups. Either very thick and starchy, or salty. Note - the breakfast here is good. A la carte, and relaxing. If you are not in a hurry to get out at the beginning of the day it provides a very civilized way to start.

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