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Walking Tour of Molde, Norway and a Hike to the Varden Viewpoint

Cruise Port of Call on the Norwegian Fjords


Molde is a cruise ship port of call on the western coast of Norway north of Alesund and Geiranger. The small town is located on one of the beautiful fjords that line the coastline.

Molde was one of tourists' leading fjord destinations in Norway in the late 19th and early 20th century. The first cruise ship visited in 1882, and German emperor Wilhelm II visited annually during his entire reign up until World War I.

It's not surprising that people love Molde, which is called the "Town of Roses". It has clean, charming streets, a fascinating outdoor folk museum, and offers a spectacular panoramic view of the fjord and the 222 surrounding mountains, which can best be seen from the Varden viewpoint overlooking the town.

My friend Claire and I spent a day in Molde on a memorable transatlantic cruise, "Voyage of the Vikings" on the Maasdam of Holland America Line. We spent the day wandering the town and hiking up the mountain to Varden, which is 407 meters above sea level (1,335 feet).

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Artwork Greets Cruise PassengersArtwork Greets Cruise PassengersStreet Scene in MoldeStreet SceneMolde, Noway - Rose Maiden StatueRose Maiden StatueMolde, Noway - CemeteryCemetery
Varden Viewpoint and Molde, NorwayVarden Viewpoint and Molde, NorwayMolde, Noway - Romsdal MuseumRomsdal MuseumHiking to the Varden Viewpoint above Molde, NorwayHiking to the Varden ViewpointMolde Panorama from the Varden ViewpointMolde Panorama from the Varden Viewpoint
Molde Panorama with Holland America Maasdam at the DockMolde Panorama with Holland America Maasdam at the DockTrail to Varden in Molde, NorwayTrail to VardenTrail to the Varden Viewpoint near Molde, NorwayTrail to the Varden ViewpointVarden Viewpoint near Molde, NorwayVarden Viewpoint
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