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Ice Bar on the NCL F3

First Ice Bar at Sea on the Third Generation of NCL Cruise Ships


What a great idea for a cruise ship! I've visited the Stockholm Ice Bar and the St. Petersburg Ice Bar, and loved the fun at both (and the vodka).
Ice Bar on the NCL F3

Ice Bar on the NCL F3

F3 Image Courtesy of Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL)
Inspired by the original ice bars and ice hotels in Scandinavia and one of only 14 ice bars in the world, the cruise industry's first true ice bar is the ultimate chill. This frozen chamber of iced vodka is set in changing hues of blue, green and purple LED lighting that simulates the Northern Lights and creates a distinctive arctic atmosphere. The centerpiece is a giant ice cube that glows and changes colors as the hottest techno beats add to the energy of this unique nightlife attraction.

In addition, NCL's Ice Bar features a bar, walls, tables, stools, glasses and life-size sculptures all made from ice. Located on deck seven, Ice Bar will accommodate 25 guests who will be given fur coats, gloves and hats to keep them warm, since the room's temperature will not rise above 17 degrees Fahrenheit – creating the ultimate chill. To enter, guests will pay a cover charge with a drink or drinks included.

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