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Gamla Stan (Old Town) Tour - Stockholm, Sweden


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Entering Gamla Stan and the Parliament Building
Swedish Parliament Building in Gamla Stan (Old Town) Stockholm

Swedish Parliament Building at entrance to Gamla Stan (Old Town) Stockholm

Photo (c) Linda Garrison
Gamla Stan is the oldest part of Stockholm, and until the 1600s, the entire city was on the three small islands comprising Gamla Stan. Today Gamla Stan (Old Town) is mainly for tourists who flock to see the sights of this fascinating part of Stockholm.

Most cruise ships include Gamla Stan on a shore excursion, or you can wander the winding cobblestone streets of this small area on your own.

Since Gamla Stan is on an island, you will need to cross one of several bridges to reach the Old Town. The gate seen in this photo is on Riksbron, which passes through the Parliament building.

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