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Copenhagen, Denmark - Things to Do and See


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Christiansborg Castle Square
Outside Christiansborg Castle in Copenhagen, Denmark

Outside Christiansborg Castle in Copenhagen, Denmark

Photo (c) Linda Garrison
Christiansborg Castle Square in Copenhagen, Denmark is the site of a complex of government buildings, including the Parliament, Supreme Court, and Prime Minister's office. The royal family has not lived at Christianborg for over 200 years, but uses the palace for special occasions. You can't wander around the palace alone, but the 50-minute English language tour of the palace is well worth the 60 kroner cost.

To find the entrance to the Christiansborg Palace tours, enter the wooden door behind this equestrian statue, go past the entrance to the Christianborg ruins, go into a courtyard and up the stairs on the right. We did the 1:00 pm tour and loved learning about the Danish royal family and its connection to the royals of other European countries. The highlight of the tour is the collection of modern wall tapestries given to the Queen for her 60th birthday in 2000. They were made by Gobelin of Paris and are some of the most spectacular I have ever seen.

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