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Embarkation Day
The White Cliffs of Dover on the Southeast Coast of England in the UK

The White Cliffs of Dover on the Southeast Coast of England in the UK

Dover (c) Linda Garrison
A cruise to northern Europe and the Baltic states is a perfect way to celebrate a summer anniversary. My husband Ronnie and I celebrated our 30th anniversary in August 2001 with a wonderful cruise on the Renaissance R6. Although Renaissance is no longer sailing, many other cruise lines offer itineraries similar to this one. The articles and photos should help you plan your cruise to northern Europe.

We flew overnight to London to begin our cruise vacation, arriving in London at about 6:00 am (London time) and transferring to Dover with some of our fellow Renaissance R6 cruisers.

Dover sits on England's southeast coast, just across the Channel from Calais, France. The area is steeped in history. Romans built a lighthouse here in 50 A.D.; Henry II started construction of Dover Castle high on the famous white cliffs in 1181; and a century later pilgrims stopped here on their way to Canterbury. Today Dover remains a major embarkation point from England to Europe. By ferry or tunnel 13 million people cross the English Channel here each year.

Our ship sailed from Dover at 5:00 p.m. (London time) for Le Havre, France. I'd been to Dover twice before, but never on a cruise. Both other times I was traveling between London and Paris, and caught the hovercraft across the English Channel for Calais. We were in room 7009 on the R6. Ronnie and l loved having a balcony on our room.

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