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Maps of Northern European Countries Visited by Cruise Ships

Cruise Ships Sail the Atlantic, North Sea, and Baltic Sea of Northern Europe


The perfect summer weather and long days make Northern Europe a marvelous summertime cruise destination. Dozens of cruise ships sailing the northern Atlantic Ocean or the Baltic Sea stopover in several of these 17 countries of northern Europe. In addition, river ships cruise the Russian waterways, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany.

Northern European cruise itineraries most often feature the countries surrounding the Baltic Sea, but others cruise the Norwegian fjords or the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Late summer repositioning cruises sometimes cross the northern Atlantic route and include stopovers in Iceland or Greenland as they sail between Europe and North America.

Learning something about the ports of call in northern Europe before you sail can make the cruise experience even more memorable. These maps will provide a good start to help you "get your bearings".

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