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Baja and Mexican Riviera Travel Log from Oceania Regatta Cruise


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Overview of Cruise on the Oceania Cruises' Regatta
Oceania Regatta at Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Oceania Regatta at Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Oceania Regatta (c) Linda Garrison
Our winter cruise roundtrip from Los Angeles to Baja and the Mexican Riviera on the Oceania Cruises' Regatta was filled with gorgeous days at sea and fascinating ports of call. Our cruise itinerary was as follows: The chance to visit Copper Canyon for a day sets this cruise apart from many others that sail to the Mexican Riviera. Many of the cruisers on our ship had specifically booked this cruise because of this 18-hour shore excursion, which probably qualifies as the "world's longest (one day) shore excursion".

Although we loved our overall Regatta cruise experience, the start was a rough one. The embarkation process was painfully slow, with many of us waiting over two hours to board after our scheduled time. The check-in staff seemed to be new, and the computer system kept going down. Many past Oceania cruise passengers were very upset; they were not used to such long lines and waiting time. The good news is that poor embarkation experience was the only thing that we could complain about for the 10 days we were on the ship.

After boarding, we enjoyed a quick buffet lunch. It sure was nice to be onboard after the long wait. Two good things about having such a slow boarding process--we were able to get into our cabins when we boarded, and our luggage, which made it onto the ship before we did, arrived soon after lunch. We unpacked and enjoyed the sunny balcony of our spacious penthouse stateroom. Before the lifeboat drill started, I had a few minutes, so I walked around the ship for a while. This was my first Oceania cruise, but I had sailed on this class of ship when she was owned by Renaissance Cruises. I had forgotten just how lovely these ships are, and was glad to see that Oceania had not changed most of the beautiful interior decor.

Oceania has a "country club casual" dress code with open seating each night. However, since we were especially tired, mom and I ate at the Terrace Tapas bar for dinner. A lot of other folks must have felt the same. It was quite good. Each night they have some of the same items (like salad, a sushi bar, and cheese bar), but change the main courses.

The next day we were at sea.

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