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Mount Vesuvius Volcano Victim's Body

Gruesome Reminder of the Powerful Volcano


This picture and the next one demonstrate the horror felt by the Pompeii victims of the 79 AD Mount Vesuvius eruption that destroyed the city. The plaster cast bodies of the Pompeii victims are the most vivid shocking reminders of the horrific event that made Pompeii famous. The Pompeii citizens were choked by the ash and pumice-stone dust or killed by the accompanying poison gas. As you tour the site, visions like these bring the volcanic eruption to life. Can you imagine the confusion and horror felt by these people?
Pompeii - Mount Vesuvius Volcano Victim's Body

Pompeii - Gruesome Body of Mount Vesuvius Volcano Victim

Pompeii Picture (c) Linda Garrison
The archaeologists excavating the site found the remains of many people in the last position they were in when the ash and gas fell over Pompeii. They filled the place where the body was found with plaster in order to get a perfect match for the body position and the facial expression. It is gruesome but an important reminder of the power of nature and the suffering of the Pompeii citizens.

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