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Taormina is a small coastal town on the island of Sicily. It has been settled for over 2000 years and has been a popular tourist destination and artist conclave since the 19th century. Its popularity is easy to understand. Taormina sits on a hill overlooking the Ionian Sea and has enough interesting shops, narrow streets, and fascinating sights to continue to attract millions of tourists each year.

Many of today's tourists visit from cruise ships either docked at Messina and Catania, or anchored in Taormina's harbor. It's about 25 miles from each city, and buses either bring the tourists to a parking garage where they take an elevator up to the town or drop them off at an offsite parking lot where they transfer to small vans that can navigate some of the narrow streets of Taormina.

With many artists in residence, it's not surprising that artwork and pottery are popular items in the shops lining the narrow streets of Taormina. Interspersed with the shops are numerous bars and cafes that are perfect for people-watching. Those who enjoy ancient history should not miss the Greek theater, which has great views of the ocean and of Mt. Etna.

These photos provide a glimpse of this popular Sicilian town.

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Taormina on the Island of SicilyTaormina on the Island of SicilyView of the Taormina Harbor from the Greek TheaterView of the Taormina Harbor from the Greek TheaterSmall Cruise Ships in the Taormina HarborSmall Cruise Ships in the Taormina HarborTaormina Street SceneTaormina Street Scene
Growing Lemons on a Balcony in TaorminaGrowing Lemons on a Balcony in TaorminaTaormina Candy Shop WindowTaormina Candy Shop WindowTaormina Street SceneTaormina Street SceneTaormina AlleywayTaormina Alleyway
Fruits and Vegetables for Sale in TaorminaFruits and Vegetables for Sale in TaorminaTaormina SquareTaormina SquareGreek Theater in TaorminaGreek Theater in TaorminaTaormina's Greek TheaterTaormina's Greek Theater
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