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Grand Circle Russian Waterways M/S Rossia CruiseTour - St. Petersburg to Moscow


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Grand Circle M/S Rossia - Russian Waterways Ship - Overview of M/S Rossia
Grand Circle Small Ship Cruises M/S Rossia Russian River Ship in Uglich, Russia

Grand Circle Small Ship Cruises M/S Rossia Russian River Ship in Uglich, Russia

Grand Circle MS Rossia Russian River Ship Picture (c) Linda Garrison
Sailing the Russian waterways between Saint Petersburg and Moscow on the Grand Circle Small Ship Cruises' river ship M/S Rossia is the best way for cruisers to get an understanding of some of the heartland and cities of Russia--its history, culture, people, and future.

Russia has long seemed to be a country of mystery to me. Maybe it is my age--I grew up during the Cold War, read spy novels, watched James Bond movies, and wished my parents would build a bomb shelter. All those stories, enforced by the fascinating historical tidbits I learned in school, were enough to put a visit to Russia on my wish list.

Since I love cruising, a Baltic Sea cruise to Saint Petersburg was one of the first European itineraries I chose. Several years later, after visiting Saint Petersburg twice on ocean ships, I still wanted more.

Having met cruisers who loved sailing the Russian rivers and waterways, I enthusiastically jumped at the opportunity to sail between Saint Petersburg and Moscow with Grand Circle Small Ship Cruises.

Grand Circle targets its cruises and tours to the over-50 American traveler, and the company does an excellent job of both educating and entertaining this growing age group. After 16 days in Russia, I came away with some marvelous memories of its cities and countryside. The Grand Circle team greatly facilitated our learning and discovery process, and we all learned much more about this mysterious country than we ever could have done independently. Personally, I also came away from this cruise with an appreciation of why Grand Circle Travel has so many loyal customers who return time after time to their cruises and tours.

This article focuses on the M/S Rossia--its cabins, common areas, outdoor decks, dining, and onboard activities. Page 7 of the article and the linkboxes on the bottom provide information and photos of the ship and ports of call.

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