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Viking Spirit European River Cruise Journal - Budapest to Amsterdam - Part 2


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Rudesheim, Germany - Siegfried's Mechanical Music Cabinet
Rudesheim Music Museum

Rudesheim Music Museum

Rudesheim Picture (c) Linda Garrison
Siegfried's Mechanical Music Cabinet, Rudesheim's museum for mechanical musical instruments, certainly exceeded my expectations. I thought we were going to see some antique musical instruments, but I had no idea that we were going to hear them too!

After lunch, we docked a short distance from the center of Rudesheim and rode a mini-train into town, stopping at the music museum. A local guide demonstrated many of the old musical instruments as we went from room to room in the museum. It was marvelous to hear some of self-playing music cabinets, calliopes, pianos, and other instruments from the 19th and early 20th centuries. We even had a few sing-alongs to the familar music! If you visit Rudesheim, don't miss Siegfried's large collection of mechanical music instruments.

After the tour, we explored the town of Rudesheim, making sure that we wandered down the famous pedestrian street named Drosselgasse, with its many wine bars and pubs. Some passengers from the Viking Spirit even rode the cable car to the 125-foot Niederwald Monument at the top of the hill overlooking the river. It was a beautiful fall day, so we found an outdoor table at one of the cafes and enjoyed a glass of Rhine wine while we people-watched. The sun was setting as we strolled the short distance back to the Viking Spirit. To allow passengers the chance to enjoy the festive atmosphere along the Drosselgasse at night, the Viking Spirit docked overnight in Rudesheim before sailing for Cologne the next morning.

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