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Viking Spirit European River Cruise Journal - Budapest to Amsterdam - Part 2


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Bamberg, Germany - UNESCO World Heritage Site on the Regnitz River
Germany, Bavaria, Bamberg, View of historic district against regnitz river
Westend61/Getty Images
When we left Nuremberg, the Viking Spirit continued its journey on the Main-Danube Canal to the Rhine River and on to Amsterdam. The first part of our journey, from Budapest to Nuremberg, was over and we were cruising "downstream".

We were not scheduled to arrive in Bamberg until right after lunch, so at mid-morning the Viking crew treated us to a traditional Bavarian breakfast, complete with sausages, pretzels, and beer. The fact that we all had already eaten breakfast didn't stop us from crowding around the delicious snacks.

After lunch, we rode a bus the short distance from the Main-Danube Canal to old town Bamberg. This charming village was not damaged during World War II, and is now a UNESCO World Heritage site. We had an enjoyable walking tour of Bamberg and especially liked the Cathedral and the garden at Bishop's Residence, which provided a wonderful view of Bamberg's steepled skyline. Our guide was very proud of his city and enthusiastic about educating us about Bamberg.

Bamberg is famous for rauchbier, its smoky-tasting beer, and some of our group used their free time to have a tasting in one of the local taverns. When I asked some of the adventurous souls how they liked the rauchbier, they all agreed it must be an acquired taste!

We had the whole afternoon in Bamberg, which allowed plenty of time for sightseeing and pub crawling.

While we were ashore, the Viking Spirit continued through more of the locks on the Main-Danube Canal. Next stop Wurzburg.

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