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Eurodam Tamarind Restaurant - Pan Asian Specialty Restaurant on the Eurodam

Eurodam Dining Options and Cuisine


Tamarind is a new 144-seat restaurant for Holland America, and the cruise line has found a winner. Anyone who enjoys Asian cuisine should try Tamarind.
Eurodam Tamarind Restaurant

Eurodam Tamarind Restaurant

Holland America Eurodam Photo (c) Linda Garrison
Tamarind's Pan-Asian dishes from Southeast Asia, China, and Japan are exciting and innovative. The only problem with dining at Tamarind is selecting just one soup, appetizer, and main course! The atmosphere of Tamarind is sleek, includes crisp touches from the Far East, and offers spectacular views from its location on deck 11. When you enter Tamarind, you first see the sushi chef, hard at work preparing mouth-watering delicacies for tasting later. Next, you are greeted by delightful Indonesian young women who serve as the waitstaff. The meal starts with soup, followed by an appetizer or choice of sushi and sashimi. A dozen entrees are grouped into four Chinese elements -- water, wood, fire, and earth -- and include delectable beef, seafood, poultry, or vegetarian choices.

Tamarind is open for a complimentary lunch, and the fee for dinner is a reasonable $15 per person. One extra treat is also available at dinner. Some guests might wish to try the enjoying Rijsttafel, a Dutch adaptation of the traditional Indonesia dinner. It consists of rice accompanied by more than a dozen, often spicy side dishes served in small plates. The fee for the Rijsttafel is $20 per person.

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