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Emerald Princess Cruise Ship - Tour of the Common Areas on the Emerald Princess


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Emerald Princess Sanctuary - A Quiet Haven on the Emerald Princess
The Sanctuary on the Emerald Princess

The Sanctuary on the Emerald Princess

Emerald Princess Photo (c) Linda Garrison
The Sanctuary is a new feature on the Emerald Princess, and it brings a touch of small ship luxury cruising to this large ship. Mega-cruise ships often try to satisfy the entire cruising public--retirees, singles, families with children, honeymooners, those looking for a party, or those seeking a quiet vacation. It's a challenge, especially if some passengers seeking quiet time want to sit outdoors and don't have a balcony! The Sanctuary meets this challenge and provides a quiet, luxurious outdoor environment. Outside deck areas near the swimming pools can often be noisy, and the Sanctuary offers passengers an opportunity to "get away" for a half-day or a day.

Princess describes the Sanctuary as "an adults-only pocket of tranquility", and the description is perfect. The deck chairs are plush and padded, the area has both shade and sun, and the service is wonderful. Located forward on deck 17 above the Lotus Spa, the Sanctuary also offers beverages, light meals, massages, and personal entertainment on MP3 players. I think the Sanctuary is a terrific idea, and the $10 per half-day charge (8 am to 12:30 pm or 1:00 pm to 5:30 pm) is a small price for those seeking solitude or a quiet getaway.

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