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Emerald Princess Cruise Ship - Tour of the Common Areas on the Emerald Princess


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Emerald Princess Cruise Ship - Overview of Emerald Princess
Emerald Princess at the Dock in Venice

Emerald Princess at the Dock in Venice, Italy

Emerald Princess Photo (c) Linda Garrison
The Emerald Princess is a beautiful mega-cruise ship, launched in April 2007. I sailed on the Emerald Princess just a few weeks after her inaugural on a wonderful Mediterranean cruise from Venice to Barcelona.

The 113,561-ton ship carries 3,070 passengers and 1,225 crew. She looks much like her sister ship the Crown Princess, which was launched in 2006. The Emerald Princess can cruise at almost 24 knots when at full speed, and she holds over 3500 tons of fuel and 3300 cubic meters of fresh water. The exterior of the Emerald Princess is all-white, with a blunt tail, making it almost look like something has been chopped off. The ship has 19 decks and has impressive measurements--951 feet long by 195 feet tall by 159 feet wide (including bridge wings) or 118 feet wide (excluding bridge wings).

The interior of the Emerald Princess is classic and lovely, with subdued colors and a decor that will remain timeless. The ship has 1,532 cabins, of which 1,098 are outside, and 880 of these outside cabins have private balconies. We sailed in a 324 square foot mini-suite, which was a delightful cabin.

The dining on the Emerald Princess is varied, with lots of cuisine options in its three main dining rooms and nine other venues serving food around the ship. The ship also has several "special" dining options, such as the Chef's Table, Ultimate Balcony Dinner, Sabatini's, and the Crown Grill.

Other articles and photo galleries have described the cuisine and cabins on the Emerald Princess. The next nine pages of this feature look at some of the common areas on the ship.

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