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Viminacium - Fascinating Archaeological Site near the Danube River in Serbia

Viminacium Was Roman Town and Military Camp in First through the Fifth Centuries


Viminacium is near the Serbian town of Kostolac, and cruise ships sailing the Danube stopover for a few hours so that passengers can tour the three main areas uncovered thus far at this large archaeological site. Kostolac, Serbia is also home to a major electric plant and it towers over the countryside in stark contrast to the ancient town and military camp of Viminacium.

The three sites open include the northern Roman military gate, the thermal baths, and the imperial mausoleum. Guides, who may be either working archaeologists or professional guides, provide explanations, drawings, and models to help visitors understand what they are seeing on the tour.

Mausoleum visitors are met by persons dressed in Roman style who lead them through the Roman graveyard. The entrance to the three underground tombs is guarded by Charon, the mythical guide of the dead, and the underground walkway to see the frescoes in the tombs is dark and very spooky - not for the faint of heart!

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Kostolac, SerbiaKostolac, SerbiaElectric Plant in Kostolac, SerbiaElectric Plant in Kostolac, SerbiaViminacium in SerbiaViminacium in SerbiaViminacium Roman BathsViminacium Roman Baths
Roman Baths at ViminaciumRoman Baths at ViminaciumModel of Viminacium, SerbiaModel of Viminacium, SerbiaViminacium Imperial MausoleumViminacium Imperial MausoleumViminacium Imperial Mausoleum in SerbiaViminacium Imperial Mausoleum in Serbia
Roman Ruins at Viminacium, SerbiaRoman Ruins at Viminacium, SerbiaViminacium Imperial Mausoleum Grave SitesViminacium Imperial Mausoleum Grave SitesSkeleton at Viminacium Imperial Mausoleum in SerbiaSkeleton at Viminacium Imperial Mausoleum in SerbiaCharon, the Greco Roman Guide to the Underworld at ViminaciumCharon, the Greco Roman Guide to the Underworld at Viminacium
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