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Silversea Silver Cloud Common Areas


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Tour of the Silversea Silver Cloud Public Areas
Silver Cloud in Oslo, Norway

Silversea Silver Cloud in Oslo, Norway

Photo (c) Linda Garrison
Silversea Silver Cloud passengers know that they are on a different type of ship from the moment they approach the ship. There are no lines for check in, and passengers are warmly greeted with a flute of champagne and a smiling Silver Cloud representative who leads you to your suite. The reception area is not a soaring atrium that challenges the senses or makes you wonder in amazement. The colors are muted and the atmosphere is peaceful. Embarking guests immediately feel that the main objective of the small Silversea Silver Cloud ship and her crew is to provide a relaxed, calming cruise vacation in a modern, simple, ultra-luxury atmosphere. Let's take a tour of the Silversea Silver Cloud.

Since the accommodations and dining are two of the most important cruise ship features, here are two separate articles dedicated to sleeping and eating on the Silversea Silver Cloud.

Silversea Silver Cloud Cabins

Silversea Silver Cloud Dining and Cuisine

Now let's tour the rest of the small luxury cruise ship.

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