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SeaDream I -- SeaDream Yacht Club Small Luxury Cruise Ship Tour and Review


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SeaDream I - Pictorial Tour and Small Luxury Cruise Ship Profile
SeaDream I at St. Barths

The SeaDream Yacht Club SeaDream I in the harbor at St. Barth's in the Caribbean.

SeaDream I Photo (c) Linda Garrison
The SeaDream I is everything I expected it to be--a luxury yacht with terrific personal service, fantastic food, comfortable cabins, and interesting itineraries. The sleek SeaDream I ship only carries 110 passengers and 89 crew, but she manages to pack a lot of fun into the small package. This ship is ideal for independent travelers who don't like to dress up and don't need a lot of scheduled entertainment to have a good time. On our April 2005 cruise on the SeaDream I, I was pleasantly surprised to see a younger group of cruisers than what I've seen on other ultra-luxury ships. Most of the passengers were couples, and there were only a few singles onboard. We all thought the SeaDream I compared very favorably to an all-inclusive, 5-star resort. What made it better was we got to visit several interesting islands of the eastern Caribbean rather than just one resort! Let's take a tour of the SeaDream I.

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