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Silversea Silver Cloud Cruise Ship -- Dining and Cuisine


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Silversea Silver Cloud Cruise Ship -- Dining and Cuisine Overview
Silver Cloud barbecue dessert

Silver Cloud dessert at the pool deck barbecue

Photo (c) Linda Garrison
Silversea Silver Cloud mealtime is always a special treat on this small, ultra-luxury cruise ship. One of the best things about small ships is that the meals do not have to be "mass produced" for thousands of cruise ship passengers, and the chefs can exhibit their personalities and their favorite dishes on a small scale. The Silversea Silver Cloud has several dining options, and each cruise has special dining events that should not be missed. Like most cruise ships, there seems to always be food available on the Silver Cloud--from early riser breakfast to dinner. And there is always that 24-hour room service with a good selection of foods for those jetlag cravings.

On our 15-night Silver Cloud Baltic cruise, three nights were formal, five were casual, and seven were informal. On formal nights, many of the men wore tuxedos, with the rest in dark suits. Women wore evening gowns, cocktail dresses, or elegant pantsuits. Men wore jackets on informal nights, but many did not wear a tie. Women usually wore "country club" wear on informal nights--dresses or pant suits. Casual nights the men wear sport shirts and slacks, and the women wear pants or skirts. You will not find any shorts or baseball caps in The Restaurant on the Silver Cloud! Passengers who do not want to dress up for meals can order lunch and dinner selections during regular dining hours from The Restaurant menu.

Let's take a look at the Silversea Silver Cloud dining and cuisine.

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