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More Cruise Planning Resources - Guidebooks, Web Sites, Magazines

Cruise Travel Books and Online Cruise Travel Magazines, Newsletters, and Cruise Information

50 Essential Experiences -- The Travel Bucket List
Book review of "50 Essential Experiences -- The Travel Bucket List", which is a collection of travel stories designed to inspire travelers from Princess Cruises

Book Review - Berlitz Complete Guide to Cruising and Cruise Ships 2013
Book review of the Berlitz Complete Guide to Cruising and Cruise Ships 2013

Book Review - Exploring Coastal Antarctica by Terry Breen
Book review of Exploring Coastal Antarctica, a cruiser-friendly onboard guide by Terry Breen

Book Review - "Cruiser Friendly Guide to Alaska's Inside Passage"
Book review of the Cruiser Friendly Guide to Alaska's Inside Passage by Terry Breen, which is a useful guidebook for Alaska cruises

Dusk to Dawn - Survivor Accounts of the Last Night on the Titanic
Book Review of "Dusk to Dawn", survivor accounts of the last night on the Titanic

Chasing a Dream in the Galapagos - A Personal Evolution
Book review of Chasing a Dream in the Galapagos - A Personal Evolution by Bette Blaydes Pegas, a Galapagos travel journal

The Perfect Cruise -- How to Find, Plan and Enjoy the Perfect Cruise Vacation
Review of cruise guide book, "The Perfect Cruise" by Chris Dikmen. Mr. Dikmen's excellent guide will help those planning a cruise to find their "perfect" cruise.

Coffee Table Books for Cruise Lovers
Most cruise travelers love to read about cruising and traveling. They also love to look at pictures of cruise ships and ports of call. Here are some great books to use as reference materials and as conversation starters. They also make great gifts for the cruiser who has everything.

Caribbean Cruise Guidebooks
The Caribbean is a favorite cruise destination for many cruise lovers. If you're sailing into the Caribbean, a good guidebook can help you pick the itinerary and the cruise ship that will match your interests and desires. Not all ships are the same, and not all Caribbean islands are the same. Here's some pre-cruise "homework" help.

Cruise and Travel Magazines
I love travel magazines and subscribe to a number of them. I can sit in my easy chair at home or lie in the bed and dream over the articles and pictures. Here are some of my favorites. Any of these magazines will make a great gift for someone who loves to cruise or travel--or for someone who wishes he or she could cruise or travel!

Are You a Travel Junkie? If so, the Traveler's Century Club Might Be Right...
Information about the Traveler's Century Club, an elite group of travel lovers who have visited 100 or more countries.

Great River Cruises - Europe and the Nile - Insight Guide - Book Review
Book review of the Insight Guide to Great River Cruises - Europe and the Nile

What Time Is the Midnight Buffet?
Book review of "What Time Is the Midnight Buffet?", a comical look at a couple's first cruise.

Cruising 101 - Smart Guide for Choosing the Best Holidays at Sea
Book review of Cruising 101 - Smart Guide for Choosing the Best Holidays at Sea

Netherlands Travel Guide Books
List of the top guide books on the Netherlands. Plan your next Dutch tulip cruise, visit to Amsterdam, or a tour of the Netherlands using these excellent guide books.

Book Review - Cruise Operations Management by Philip Gibson
Book review of Cruise Operations Management by Philip Gibson

What's New at About Cruises
See what's new on the About Cruises site -- cruise reviews, cruise articles, cruise pictures, and cruise tips. Items are sorted chronologically.

Best Cruise News for 2005
The best cruise news in 2005, including new ships, new amenities, new ports of call, and new embarkation points.

Worst Cruise News in 2005
The five worst pieces of cruise news in 2005

New Year's Resolutions for Cruise Lovers
Cruise lovers can make (and break) resolutions as well as anyone. Here are my resolutions. How do they stack up with yours?

Insight Guides' Mediterranean Cruises
Mediterranean cruises are becoming more and more popular, with over 50 companies sailing 100 ships in the bright blue Mediterranean Sea. This new Insight Guide provides an easy-to-read history of the area and useful tips for cruisers. The guide also artfully describes over 120 Mediterranean ports of call. The wonderful photos on almost every page are my favorite parts of the book. They will sell anyone on a Mediterranean cruise!

Cruise Guidebooks - General Information
Books with general information on cruise ships, cruise lines and the cruise experience. Most of these books profile the ships and cruise lines to help you choose the right cruise for you.

Top Cruise and Travel Magazines
If you are not cruising, the next best thing is to be reading and planning your next trip. These travel magazines will help you while away the time until you're back on the sea again.

Top Alaska Travel Guide Books
Alaska is one of the most popular summer cruise destinations. These books will help you plan a cruise tour to the Last Frontier - Alaska.

Top Coffee Table Travel Books
Most cruise travelers love to read about cruising and traveling. They also love to look at pictures of cruise ships. Here are some great books to use as reference materials and as conversation starters.

Top Caribbean Cruise Guidebooks
The Caribbean is a favorite destination for many cruise lovers. These books will help you plan your time in the ports of call to make your stay a memorable one.

Top 5 Travel Guides to the Netherlands
If your cruise to northern Europe includes Amsterdam as a port of call or if you are planning a river or barge cruise on the Holland canals, here are some guide books to help you make the most of your vacation.

A Mother's Day Tribute to My Mom
My parents instilled a great love of travel and adventure in me, and I have appreciated it all of my life. Here's a Mother's Day Tribute to My Mom, Marvel Paull.

Back to School = Time to Cruise
The phrase "back to school" may bring mixed feelings to many, but to empty nesters and those without children it signals the start of quieter, less expensive fall cruise vacations.

Avid Cruiser
Avid Cruiser is an online information resource designed to help make you an informed cruise consumer. Site offers daily news updates from the cruise industry, feature articles, and chart and graphs.

Caribbean Travel and Life
The online version of this magazine specializing in the Caribbean.  Some really good island descriptions in the "guidebooks" link.  The "classifieds" link lists ways to contact several cruises and yacht charters in the Caribbean.

A link to the online version of the popular travel magazine Conde Nast Traveler. 

Cruise Addicts.com
Multi-faceted site with cruise news, cruise reviews, cruise forums and cruise chat.

Cruise Flash
News and information along with cruise reviews and how to cruise solo.

CruiseJournals.com - Cruise Community Pages
All sorts of general information on cruise travel and forums, including personal journals, photos albums and videos.

Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA)
North American cruise lines trade association includes informative press releases from its members.

Cruise News Daily
Excellent news site with all of the latest news. A subscription to the daily news letter is available for a fee, but they often post summaries to the site.

Cruise News
Site is done by two travel writers who have also penned five Romantic Getaways books. Good information, and a wonderful article on "Why We Cruise".

Cruise Report
This online site offers hundreds of cruise reviews and information on ports of call and cruise ships.

Cruise Travel Magazine
Online version of popular print magazine. Includes news, calendar, merchandise, and links to other travel sites.

Cruise Week News
Weekly newsletter is by subscription only and is geared towards travel agents and other professionals. However, site provides a summary of the latest cruise news for free.

Cruise news sorted by cruise line, with articles about each major line along with list of theme cruises, latest launches, and planned launches.

CyberCruises.com - The Online Cruise Magazine
Good cruise news information. You can subscribe for free to their periodic newsletter.

Islands Magazine
What is a cruise without an island?  This magazine (online and by subscription) has spectacular pictures of many cruise destinations.

Martime Matters - Ocean Liner History and Cruise Ship News
Ocean liners, cruise ships, steamships, historic vessels, news and photographs of passenger vessels are featured on Maritime Matters website. Online since 1997 presenting vintage and preserved ocean liners, personal stories of liner travel and links to maritime businesses, museums, ship cams and more.

National Geographic Traveler
I love this magazine, and the online version provides links to back and current articles of interest to cruisers.    A high quality site to match a high quality travel magazine.

The online version of the leading consumer newsstand and subscription magazine on cruising.   

Prow's Edge
A free, online magazine with lots of great cruise information.  Ports of call, interviews with industry leaders, a bulletin board, and recipes from some chefs afloat are among the articles you will find.

Worldwide Cruising News & Pictorial
International magazine on cruising, ships, destinations, ports and holiday ideas. View cruise specials, travel deals and subscribe online.

Titanic at Two A.M. - Book Review
Riveting book that mixes drawings, photos, and the mesmerizing story along with survivors' testimonies. Good read for cruise lovers.

Dusk to Dawn - Book Review
Paul Quinn weaves the testimonies and stories of the passengers and crew in this documentary of the horrific last few hours of the Titanic.

Offbeat Cruises & Excursions with Len Barnes
Mr. Barnes gives the reader a taste of 24 unusual and exotic cruise destinations. Interesting reading, especially if you are looking for new and different places to cruise.

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