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Ten Questions to Answer When Planning a Cruise


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Who Is Going on the Cruise?
Planning a cruise vacation can be a challenge for those who either haven't traveled much or who haven't taken an organized tour or vacation. How do you plan that first cruise? Family and friends often get together to discuss where they want to travel or vacation next. You might have heard cruise tales from and seen (or been subjected to) cruise vacation pictures taken by your family and friends, or read in magazines and the Web about how much fun (and economical) cruising can be. If you want to "take the plunge" and go on your first cruise, where do you start?

First-time cruisers should work with a travel agent who is experienced in booking cruises. However, before you contact the travel agency or cruise line, you will need to have the answers to the ten questions covered in this article.

How to Find a Good Travel Agent

After you have answered these ten questions, you will be ready to select a cruise line and cruise ship.

Question 1: Who is going on the cruise?
This should be the easiest question, so let's start with it. All age groups are welcome and planned for on a cruise ship. You will be able to find a cruise that will give any age group from toddler to great grandmother a memorable vacation. Friends of mine with teenagers often say they have found it to be the best family vacation yet. If you don't have kids or don't want to be around them while on vacation, there are some cruise ships that are almost adult only or won't have many children.

Most popular cruise lines for cruising with kids

Ten Questions to Answer When Planning a Cruise

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