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Japan Cruise Photo Album

Pictures from Cruises to Japan


Japanese Garden

Japanese Garden near Shimonoseki, Japan

Japan Photo (c) Linda Garrison
The island nation of Japan is a wonderful cruise destination. The country is exotic, the people are friendly, and the sites are spectacular. First let's look at some cruise photos I made while on a cruise on the Silversea Silver Shadow in Japan.

Shimonoseki, Japan

Shimonoseki sits on the extreme northern tip of the Japanese island of Honshu, and the straits separating Honshu from the neighboring island of Kyoshu have been the site of many important naval battles throughout the ages. In addition to its historical importance and beautiful setting, the city is famous for its fishing, most notably the fugu or blowfish.

Drums Greet the Silversea Silver Shadow into Shimonoseki, Japan

Welcome to Shimonoseki, Japan

Shimonoseki, Japan Looks Much Like San Francisco

Azaleas Blooming in Shimonoseki, Japan

Traditional Japanese House in the Village of Chofu, Japan

Japanese Garden at House in Chofu, Japan

Marvel Paull at Japanese Home in Chofu, Japan

Japanese Garden at Chofu, Japan

Chofu Japanese Garden Near Shimonoseki

Japanese Garden in Chofu, Japan

Pavilion in Japanese garden in Chofu

Akama Shrine in Shimonoseki, Japan

Japanese Warrior in Shimonoseki, Japan - Cruise Ship Port of Call

Wedding at Akama Shrine in Shimomoseki, Japan

Earless Hoichi at the Akama Shrine in Shimonoseki

Model of Kokura Castle

View from the Top of Kokura Castle

Kokura Castle in Kokura, Japan

Fishing Boats in Shimonoseki, Japan - Cruise Ship Port of Call

Kobe, Japan

Kobe was the disembarkation point for the Silversea Silver Shadow cruise. Although significantly damaged by a large earthquake in 1995, Kobe is a modern city and important seaport. It is also near the major international airport in Osaka, and a good entry point for those visiting Kyoto.

View of Kobe, Japan from Deck of Silversea Silver Shadow

Fire Boats Welcome Silver Shadow to Kobe, Japan

Kobe, Japan Tug Boat

Fire Boat Saluting the Silver Shadow in Kobe, Japan

Bridge in Kobe, Japan


Nagasaki was once Japan's "Gateway to the West". Nagasaki was the only Japanese city that allowed Western ships into its port from 1639 to 1859. The city is set on a beautiful natural harbor with many hills. Since Nagasaki remained open while other Japanese ports were closed, it was the most important seaport in Japan for many decades. Although much of Nagasaki was destroyed in the atomic bomb blast of August 9, 1945, the city has completely rebuilt and even has some Western-style buildings left from colonial days. Here are some photos of Nagasaki.

Nagasaki, Japan - Water Cannon Greeting to Silversea Silver Shadow by Fire Boat

Nagasaki, Japan - Harbor with Sailing Ship and Fire Boat

Nagasaki, Japan - Peace Statue in Peace Park

Peace Statue in Peace Park - Nagasaki, Japan

Nagasaki, Japan - School Children Visiting Peace Park

Peace Park Statue and Fountain - Nagasaki, Japan

Nagasaki, Japan - Statue in Peace Park

Nagasaki, Japan Peace Park Statue

Nagasaki, Japan - Nagasaki Peace Park

School Children at Peace Ceremony at Peace Park in Nagasaki

Nagasaki, Japan - Children Laying Paper Doves of Peace

Peace Park Walkway in Nagasaki, Japan

Nagasaki, Japan - Atomic Bomb Museum

Nagasaki, Japan - Paper Origami Doves of Peace in the Atomic Bomb Museum

Nagasaki, Japan - Peace Park Statue near the Atomic Bomb Museum

Black Pillar Marking Epicenter of Nagasaki, Japan Atomic Bomb Blast Site

Nagasaki, Japan - Urakami Cathedral Wall - Epicenter of Atomic Bomb Blast

Nagasaki, Japan - Oura Catholic Church

Stained Glass Windows in the Interior of the Oura Catholic Church in Nagasaki, Japan

View from the Oura Catholic Church in Nagasaki, Japan

Nagasaki, Japan - Panoramic View from Glover Gardens

Nagasaki, Japan - Koi Pond in Glover Gardens

Glover Gardens in Nagasaki, Japan

Nagasaki Street Scene in Nagasaki, Japan

Silversea Silver Shadow in Nagasaki, Japan

Sail Away Entertainment on Silversea Silver Shadow in Nagasaki, Japan

Japanese Pom Pom Girls In Nagasaki, Japan

Nagasaki, Japan Harbor at Sunset

Japanese Fishing Boats Near Nagasaki, Japan

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