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Carnival Cruise Lines' Book on How to Make Cruise Ship Towel Animals

"Carnival Towel Creations" Provides Step-by-Step Instructions and Photos


Carnival Towel Animal Swan on the Carnival Liberty

Carnival Towel Animal Swan on the Carnival Liberty

Carnival Towel Animal Picture (c) Linda Garrison
Carnival Towel Animal Pictures from Carnival Cruise Ships

MIAMI (February 9, 2005) -- One of the many popular and unique features of a Carnival "Fun Ship" cruise is the whimsical towel animals that greet guests when they return to their stateroom each evening.

Now there is a new instructional book offering step-by-step directions, along with accompanying photos for guests wishing to recreate these creatures back home.

"Carnival Towel Creations" is filled with colorful images and easy-to-follow instructions for making a wide variety of “towel animals” like those created each night by the line’s stateroom stewards for guests’ enjoyment.

These truly creative designs often incorporate guests' sunglasses, hats or other accessories and people genuinely look forward to the surprise each evening, particularly children.

Instructions for more than 40 different designs -- everything from cats and dogs to dinosaurs, elephants and snails -- are featured within the colorful 88-page publication.

“Our guests have been asking for years for a manual on how to make ‘towel animals’ at home. 'Carnival Towel Creations' will not only bring enjoyment to the many people who have sailed on Carnival over the years but also anyone interested in an easy instructional guide for creating these fun, whimsical creatures,” said Carnival President and CEO Bob Dickinson.

“Towel animals” are one of Carnival’s signature elements and are even featured in the line’s new national television advertising campaign.

The line’s staterooms stewards undergo more than 10 hours of training to learn how to create the various designs and it is estimated that the stewards create some seven million “towel animals” each year.

The “towel animals” are just one of the many personal touches available within Carnival’s staterooms, which in addition to being as much as 50 percent larger than those on other contemporary cruise ships, offer in-stateroom amenities baskets and upgraded linens and towels. Guests in balcony and ocean view accommodations are also provided with plush terrycloth robes.

“Carnival Towel Creations” is available in the “Formalities” shops or from the stateroom stewards aboard the line’s 20 “Fun Ships.” The cost is $12.95.

For additional information and reservations on Carnival’s “Fun Ship” cruises, contact any travel agent, call 1-800-CARNIVAL or visit carnival.com.

Press Release Source: Carnival Cruises
Dateline: February 2005

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