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Cruise Health and Safety Concerns - Seasickness, Crime, and More

Library of links to information on cruise health and safety concerns. Includes health issues including seasickness, Norwalk virus, and food quality and safety issues such as fire and cruise crime.

How to Avoid and Treat Seasickness
A fear of seasickness is one of the primary reasons more travelers are afraid to cruise. Here's how to avoid and treat seasickness.

Cruise Security - Travel Under Code Orange Alert
Information for travelers on code orange alert levels

Better Your Chances for a Safe Cruise Vacation
Things to do to better your chances for having a safe cruise vacation. Tips on avoiding burglars and pickpockets when on a cruise vacation.

Don't Be a Crime Statistic - Have a Safe Cruise Vacation
Interview with a cruise security specialist on how to avoid being a cruise crime statistic.

Phobias and Cruising - Triggers
Most of us think of cruising as a relaxing way to spend a vacation. However, for some, being on a ship can trigger certain phobias.

How to Prevent and Treat Seasickness - Video
Video on how to prevent and treat seasickness

Don't Let the Food Spoil Your Cruise
Food is an important part of any cruise.  Do your homework before you book the cruise and use common sense to avoid food pathogens.

First Aid Kits - Travel First Aid - Cruise Vacation First Aid Supplies
Sometimes when traveling, a good first aid kit becomes a necessity. The further you get from civilization, the more supplies you will need to take. First Aid Kits for Travel helps you figure out what needs to be in your first aid kit.

Top 5 Ways to Organize Personal Medical Information
Travelers frequently forget to take important medical information with them. Trying to remember vital information during an emergency is hard enough; doing it with a language barrier is nearly impossible. Here are some ways to organize personal medical information.

Centers for Disease Control Travel Site
Travelers' health information from around the world from the federal government's Centers for Disease Control.

Norwalk Viruses on Cruise Ships - Why Do People Get Sick at Sea?
Catching a Norwalk virus or a norovirus on your cruise ship can ruin a cruise vacation. This article has information on the Norwalk virus (or norovirus)--what it is and how to lessen your chances of getting it.

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