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Cruise Destinations and Ports of Call

Cruise destinations and ports of call from around the world. Ports of call in the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, and from all seven continents. Travelers can visit thousands of towns and cities and hundreds of countries on a cruise ship.
  1. About Cruises Photo Gallery
  2. Africa Cruises and Ports (50)
  3. Alaska Cruises (50)
  4. Antarctica Cruises (17)
  5. Asia Cruises (54)
  6. Australia and NZ Cruises (18)
  7. Bahamas Cruises (7)
  8. Bermuda Cruises (4)
  9. Caribbean Cruises (116)
  10. Central America Cruises (52)
  11. Eastern Canada Cruises (17)
  12. European Cruises (312)
  13. Hawaii Cruises (6)
  14. Mexican Riviera Cruises (5)
  15. Mexico Sea of Cortez (14)
  16. North America Cruises (32)
  17. South America Cruises (62)
  18. South Pacific Cruises (38)
  19. Trans-Ocean Cruises (1)
  20. World Cruises (0)

Best Sail Away Ports in the World
Where are the most spectacular ports of call in the world to sail away from or into on a cruise ship?

Cruise Maps
Maps certainly help us plan a cruise and understand the world, including the size, distance, and location of exotic cruise destinations.

What Are Your Favorite "Seven Wonders of Nature"?
Discussion of the new seven wonders of nature competition

New Seven Wonders of Nature
Information on the new seven wonders of nature, featuring links to the 261 worldwide finalists and the winners

New Seven Wonders of the World
Many of the 21 finalists and 7 winners of the New Seven Wonders of the World contest are accessible via either a river or ocean-going cruise ship.

Repositioning Cruises
Repositioning cruises occur each spring and fall when the cruise lines move their ships to Alaska or Europe in the spring and to the Caribbean in the fall. These cruises often represent good bargains and an opportunity for more sea days.

Visit War Memorials on a Cruise
Cruise lovers can visit many war memorials, battlefields, and cemeteries when on a cruise. Learning more about wars and history by seeing these sites can be a learning experience for the entire family.

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