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Costa Deliziosa


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Costa Deliziosa Overview
Costa Deliziosa at Sea

Costa Deliziosa at Sea

Photo Courtesy of Costa Cruises
The Costa Deliziosa was launched in February 2010, and the cruise ship is one of Costa's most elegant, having been designed for the cruise line's high-end customers. At 92,600 tons, she is not quite as large as many other mainstream mega-ships launched the past few years. However, she carries 2,826 guests and offers numerous dining and entertainment options onboard.

The Costa Deliziosa is a sister ship to the Costa Luminosa simultaneously launched in 2009 with the Costa Pacifica. While the theme of the Costa Luminosa is the "ship of light" and the Costa Pacifica is the "ship of music", the theme of the Costa Deliziosa is the "ship of pleasure", which is a little bit harder to grasp since I only had a short tour while in Dubai for the Costa Deliziosa christening. However, the ship's venues were designed by Carnival Corp. interior architect and designer Joe Farcus, and he kept this theme in mind while working on the ship.

The interiors are lovely, and Mr. Farcus used premium materials such as marble, granite, and Murano glass in the construction. For example, the Costa Deliziosa has 970 Murano chandeliers, 340 original works of art, and 4756 copies of artwork commissioned by Costa. The ship has 1130 cabins, including 772 balcony cabins. It also has 52 Samsara Spa cabins within the spa area.

Let's take a tour of the Costa Deliziosa.

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