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Costa Cruises - Cruise Line Profile of Costa Cruises


Costa Fortuna in Rio de Janeiro

Costa Fortuna in Rio de Janeiro

Costa Fortuna (c) Linda Garrison

Costa Cruises Lifestyle:

"Cruising Italian Style" is Costa's motto, and this mainstream cruise line markets to both the European and North American markets. Much like its parent cruise line, Carnival, Costa promises "fun" cruises, but with a European ambience. If you love Italians; a casual, friendly, party atmosphere; lots of excitement; and Italian food; then Costa might be a good choice for you.

Costa Cruise Ships:

Costa has 15 large, diverse cruise ships that sail Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean. The year of construction is listed next to the ship. Many of the older ships have been renovated many times.

  • Costa Allegra -- 1992
  • Costa Atlantica -- 2000
  • Costa Classica -- 1991
  • Costa Concordia -- 2006
  • Costa Favolosa -- 2011
  • Costa Fortuna -- 2003
  • Costa Magica -- 2004
  • Costa Marina -- 1969
  • Costa Mediterranea -- 2003
  • Costa Romantica -- 1993
  • Costa Serena -- 2007
  • Costa Victoria -- 1996
  • Costa Luminosa -- 2009
  • Costa Pacifica -- 2009
  • Costa Deliziosa -- 2010

Costa Passenger Profile:

Costa's passengers vary with the cruise location--North Americans in the Caribbean and Europeans in Europe and the rest of the world. Although the ships are geared towards a young, active crowd, the average Costa cruiser is middle-aged and an experienced traveler who might not want to cruise on an all-American megaliner.

Costa is a favorite honeymoon option for young Italian couples, so you might find a hint of romance in the air! Of course, since many Europeans smoke, there may also be a hint of smoke!

Costa Cruises Accommodations and Cabins:

The cabins and accommodations on Costa Cruises are as varied as the ships. Many of the ships have 10 (or more) categories, ranging from very small inside cabins to spacious rooms with balconies. If a modern cabin with a veranda is important to you, book one of the newer Costa ships.

Costa Cruises Cuisine and Dining:

Costa ships have two assigned seatings for dinner, and the late seating is later than on many American ships. The homemade pasta and many of the sauces are excellent. Otherwise, the food is average and not up to the standards of the other Carnival brands. Costa used to have Italian waiters, but now only the maitre'd or restaurant manager is Italian. Reviews of the service on Costa ships is mixed--some love it, others do not.

Costa Cruises Onboard Activities and Entertainment :

Costa has all the standard activities of a large ship--dancing, gambling, golf lessons, port talks, card games, art auctions, etc. The ships also have theme nights such as Carnivale, when passengers wear costumes and masks. Since the ships have a multi-national passenger list, evening entertainment is usually a revue performed by the resident troupe--more music and dancing and less comedy.

Costa Cruise Ship Common Areas :

The older Costa ships have a sophisticated, European flair. The newer ships look more like those of Carnival--loud and stimulating. People either love or hate the decor on the newer Costa ships, but everyone has an opinion.

Costa Cruises Spa, Gym, and Fitness:

Like the accommodations, the spa facilities are larger and better on the newer Costa ships. The older ships have basic spas. Steiner Leisure operates the spas for Costa. The gym has some free fitness classes, others are provided for a fee. The gyms also have all the standard work out equipment to help work off those pasta-induced pounds.

Costa Cruises Contact information:

Venture Corporate Center II
200 South Park Road, Suite 200
Hollywood, FL 33021-8541
Phone: 954-266-5600 or 800-462-6782
Fax: 954-266-2100
Web Site: www.costacruises.com

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