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Celebrity Eclipse Cruise Ship Photo Tour and Profile


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Celebrity Eclipse iLounge Computer Center
Celebrity Eclipse iLounge

Celebrity Eclipse iLounge

Celebrity Eclipse Photo Courtesy of Celebrity Cruises
The Celebrity iLounge is a new venue for Celebrity Cruises. It is composed of three main areas: a series of 26 MacBook computer workstations where guests can check their e-mail, retain their social media connections, and print boarding passes; a retail space offering cruisers the opportunity to see and try out the latest MacBooks®, iPods® and accessories; and an enrichment center where certified staff offer guests tips on Mac or iPod usage.

The Celebrity iLounge presents a series of new courses designed to suit guests' interests - including do-it-yourself photo books, movie editing and web design - using programs including iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD and iWeb. Celebrity's certified staff have received more than 125 hours of training and are equipped to answer questions on operating systems, applications, and products. They also help guests understand the differences between Macs and PCs, something I could certainly use.

Guests eager to expand their collection of electronic merchandise find the Celebrity iLounge an enticing venue, too. As an Authorized Apple Reseller, Celebrity has products available for guests to purchase, including iPods, MacBooks, and essential accessories.

Located on deck six of the Celebrity Eclipse, the Celebrity iLounge houses 26 workstations, classroom, and retail area. In addition to display pods, a 56-inch flat-screen TV is used during classes, and the area includes an accessible workstation.

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