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Carnival Liberty Cruise Ship Tour


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Carnival Liberty - Dining and Cuisine
Silver Olympian Dining Room on the Carnival Liberty cruise ship

Silver Olympian Dining Room on the Carnival Liberty cruise ship

Carnival Liberty (c) Linda Garrison
Overall, I thought the Carnival Liberty dining options and food quality were very good on our western Caribbean cruise. Just imagine serving 3,000 hungry people 24 hours per day!

The numerous dining options on the Carnival Liberty are varied and diverse. Here's a list of the mouth-watering places you can dine each day:

  • Golden Olympian Dining Room
  • Silver Olympian Dining Room
  • Emile's Bistro
  • Blue Iguana Cantina
  • Mongolian Wok
  • Fish & Chips
  • Guy's Burger Joint
  • Pizza Bar
  • Deli
  • Harry's Steakhouse
  • Origami Sushi Bar
  • Jardin Cafe
  • Chef's Table
  • Room Service

Since we were usually anxious to get ashore and go exploring, we ate breakfast in the buffet-style Emile's Bistro. It had all the standard fare, including an omelet station. Although most of the other passengers also ate in Emile's for breakfast, the buffet lines were manageable; we never had to wait too long.

The Carnival Liberty had many options for lunch, and we tried them all. One of the main dining rooms was open for lunch on sea days, but most passengers enjoyed a casual lunch either by the pool or in the food court area at Emile's on the Lido Deck. Emile's had a buffet lunch with many diverse options, and the deli, pizza bar, and Mongolian Wok are nearby. The Mongolian Wok is a favorite of many cruisers (like me), but the lines often are long. The wait is worth it, but you might want to try it the first day or on a port day, when not as many people are on the ship. The BlueIguana Cantina has excellent burritos and tacos, with a great self-serve salsa bar. My husband loved the fried oysters and seafood soups at the Fish & Chips bar on deck 10 upstairs from Emile's. My favorite casual lunch spot was Guy's Burger Joint, where you'll find the best burgers at sea. There was certainly something for everyone!

Dinner was our favorite meal. We ate in the Silver Olympian Dining Room, but had dined in the "anytime dining" Golden Olympian Dining Room on a previous cruise of the Mediterranean on the Carnival Liberty. Both are excellent and lovely dining venues. The food was delicious, and the portion sizes just right. Our waiters remembered our names and usual requests (white wine, decaf coffee, etc.) from the first night. They anticipated our needs and were exceptional.

We ate at Harry's Steakhouse ($30 per person cover charge) one night. The presentation and taste of the food was marvelous, and the cover charge hasn't changed since 2006 when I dined there before. One word of caution--the portion sizes are larger than those in the main dining rooms, and you will need to allow at least two hours for dinner. Was it worth the $30 extra? We all agreed it was, but others might not.

The Jardin Cafe and Origami Sushi Bar are along the Promenade aft on deck 5. The Jardin Cafe is a patisserie that serves delicious snacks and specialty coffees for an extra fee. Origami features fresh complimentary sushi rolls most evenings between 5 and 8:15 pm. Since we had dinner at 8:15 each night, Origami was a good place to have a snack before getting cleaned up for the evening.

We did not try the Chef's Table since the reservations are limited, but it sounds like a very special experience. Up to 12 guests enjoy wine and hors d'ouevres in the galley with the ship's chef de cuisine. The group then get a personalized tour of the galley with the chef and get to see the galley in action, something usually missed on regular galley tours. The evening concludes with a memorable dinner with appetizers, entrees, and desserts designed by Carnival's master chefs specifically for the Chef's Table dinner. The Chef's Table is $75 per person and can be booked at the Guest Services Desk. Doesn't the evening sound marvelous?

Room service is available 24 hours per day on the Carnival Liberty at no extra charge. Since breakfast is the most popular room service meal, it's a good idea to use the card provided in the cabin to order the night before. You can't order off the regular dining room menu as you can on small luxury ships, but the room service menu has a nice selection of items that will carry you over until the next meal.

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