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A Day at Mahogany Bay on Roatan, Honduras
Mahogany Bay village on the island of Roatan, Honduras

Mahogany Bay village on the island of Roatan, Honduras

Mahogany Bay (c) Linda Garrison
The next morning the Carnival Liberty was at the dock in Mahogany Bay, a cruise village and beach area on the island of Roatan, Honduras. Mahogany Bay was developed by Carnival Corporation for the numerous ships its companies (Carnival, Holland America, Princess, Costa, and Seabourn) operate. Mahogany Bay was gorgeous, much like one of the private islands in the Bahamas. Of course, what made it clean, neat, and quiet was the restricted access and planned development. When you start from scratch just a few years ago, you can build everything to match. When you have to have a cruise card or pass to enter the development, you don't have vendors lining the streets trying to sell stuff. Very nice, but maybe a little too pristine. I hope those who didn't leave Mahogany Bay to see more of Roatan don't think the whole island looks like that nice village and beach.

Ronnie and I didn't have any organized tour scheduled, so we just wandered ashore (we were docked) after breakfast and spent an hour or so walking around so I could get photos and a feel for the place. Like Cozumel, you have to walk through a bunch of duty-free shops just to get into the small village. There, you find more shops. There's the usual gamut of jewelry and souvenir shops, along with a large craft market and a Fat Tuesday's bar. Leaving the village, you have to show your cruise card to either walk to the beach (it's not far) or ride the chair lift ($12/day for unlimited rides for adults and $7 for kids). There are two ways to get to the beach--a paved path lined with flowers and manicured lawn/raked sand or a nature trail that meanders a little through the forest and has some nice benches and swings. The trail is probably only 1/4 of a mile long, not much longer than the paved path.

Arriving at the beach, there are more shops with beach stuff, some restrooms, a bar, and a restaurant. In addition, there are water toys (kayaks, snorkeling equipment, etc.) to rent. Guests can also rent cabanas or space in the VIP beach area. There's a long pier with a ladder at the end, which enables snorkelers to walk down the pier and then enter a little deeper water without having to swim.

The beach offers terrific views of the ship (and vice versa), so I got some good photos.

Things to Do on Roatan

A large coral reef is right off the coastline of Roatan, so many of the activities are water-related. There's terrific snorkeling and diving, and Roatan has gorgeous beaches. Adventurers might want to explore via 4-wheel drive or boat. There's also a zip line canopy tour and island sightseeing tours. Many North Americans have retired to Roatan, so English is widely spoken.

Most Carnival Liberty guests took some time to visit Mahogany Bay beach and enjoy the activities there. Some rented cabanas, beach floats, kayaks, or snorkeling gear.

We returned to the ship in time for a late lunch. I had a good burrito from the Blue Iguana Cantina. They have delicious burritos and tacos. Ronnie got the fried oysters, calimari fritters, and ceviche.

We went to the past cruisers party at 3:45 that featured free drinks and canapes. There are so many past cruisers on the ship that they had two parties--ours lasted for 45 minutes, and the second followed at 5:00 pm (after they reset the Venetian Palace).

Ronnie and I returned to the cabin for a while before going to the 7 pm juggler show. This was the first time that the show for the late diners was before dinner. The guy was a comedian/juggler and was one of the best I've seen. Even Ronnie commented that he enjoyed the show, and he's a tougher sell than I am.

After the show, we sat along the promenade and had a little sushi and a drink, but mostly people-watched. People certainly didn't dress up on the Carnival Liberty. Even the "smart cruise" attire requested at the past cruiser's party was more casual than I'd consider "smart". Ronnie and I dressed early for dinner, but most people at the past cruisers' party seem to have not changed since they had come in from the beach. Since we had to be back on board and the party was 3:45, it wasn't like they didn't have time. Oh well. They are on vacation, so maybe dressing up a little is too much to ask.

Dinner was in the Silver Olympian Dining Room. After dinner, there was a big Mexican fiesta party out doors by the pool. This was the third themed deck party during the week--Caribbean, Mardi Gras, and Mexican. Very nice, and the excellent set of activities/entertainment everyone expects from Carnival.

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