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Carnival Liberty - Western Caribbean Cruise Journal


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Cave Tubing in Belize at the Crystal Cave
Cave tubing at Crystal Cave in Belize

Cave tubing at Crystal Cave in Belize gave the Carnival Liberty explorers a good look at many dazzling cave formations.

Crystal Cave in Belize (c) Linda Garrison
Following the ziplining, we stowed our clothes in the locker (already had our swimsuits on underneath) and joined the tubing guide. We picked up an inner tube, donned a hard hat with an attached miner's light, and made our way to the cave. We had a lot of steps up and down, and most were wet, so this excursion is not a good choice for anyone with walking difficulties. The passageway into the cave and to the river was very narrow, low, and slippery in some places, so we had to stoop down. Not an easy trek with a hard hat with a light on it and carrying a big inner tube!

This cave was called the Crystal Cave, and it was quite lovely. No lighting on the inside except that from our head lamps. Kind of eerie to see the other tubers ahead of us since we could only see their lights. I couldn't help but remember my trip to see the glow worms in the caves of New Zealand! The eight of us in our group hooked together, and the poor guide had to pull the group of us upstream through the cave, pointing out stalagmites and stalactites along the way. We didn't see any bats, but others did. We got off the tubes and did some walking to see the remnants of broken pottery left by the ancient Mayans who had used the caves. Then we re-boarded the tubes for the float back downstream. We were in the cave a little over an hour. At the end of the float, we had time for a short swim in the cave.

We lugged our tubes back to the staging area and removed our life vests, hard hats, and lights. Very fun experience, and the water wasn't as cold as I feared it would be.

After our zip and cave float, many folks ate a late lunch at the snack bar at the facility, but Ronnie and I changed back into our dry clothes and just sipped a diet coke. They sold photos of our zip and float, but we didn't buy any since we had paid big bucks for the dolphin photos the day before.

We re-boarded the bus and were back at Belize City by about 4:30 and back on the ship soon after 5 pm. Since we hadn't had lunch, we stopped at the sushi bar (opened at 5 pm) and had some very good shrimp and salmon rolls, all washed down with a beer. Nice way to end the day!

Other Belize Activities

Belize City is a much poorer city than the other ports of call on this itinerary. Many Carnival Liberty guests did an organized tour since the city itself did not offer much to see or do. The ship had several bus sightseeing tours, but also some interesting historical tours to see Mayan ruins in the Belize countryside. Most of the other activities were adventure-related such as snorkeling, scuba diving, horseback riding, and kayaking. Since Belize is filled with limestone caves, there were several cave tubing activities. Some were to the Crystal Cave we visited on our combination tour, others to a different cave. Some cruise passengers went to the beach to just swim or lounge on the sand.

Dinner was at 8:15 in the main dining room, but Ronnie and I went for a drink at the lobby bar to watch them dance before dinner. Just a few "old" (like us) couples dancing, but they were all good. You could tell they had taken dance lessons. We joined our regular table of six for dinner. I had an asparagus vichyssoise (cold potato) soup, salad, short ribs/filet combo, and apple pie for dessert. Ronnie had oysters Rockefeller, salad, fried shrimp, and a cake with filling. He thought the oysters were the best dish. Mine was delicious, especially the soup, the short ribs, and the pie.

Since it was Tuesday, the Carnival Liberty had a big Mardi Gras deck party. There were more Carnival Legends auditions and karaoke, and plenty of dancing in the Hot & Cool nightclub. The Carnival Liberty big band, the singers, and the dancers performed in the Venetian Palace. We were both very tired after all the stair climbing at our shore excursions, so we went to bed early, even missing the bead throwing that was part of the Mardi Gras celebration.

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