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Carnival Liberty Dining Venues and Cuisine


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Harry's Steakhouse Restaurant
Carnival Liberty - Harry's Steakhouse Restaurant

Harry's Steakhouse serves delicious prime steaks and seafood on the Carnival Liberty

Carnival Liberty (c) Linda Garrison
Harry's Steakhouse is the only dining venue on the Carnival Liberty with a fixed extra surcharge ($30 per person). Named for the famous jeweler Harry Winston, the dining room is decorated with jewels and is very elegant. Located in a quiet spot midship on deck 10, Harry's is perfect for a romantic dinner or a special occasion. Reservations are required.

As expected, Harry's menu is filled with delectable cuts of prime beef, along with lamb, chicken, fish, and seafood items. The surf & turf combination of a filet and lobster tail is one of the most popular items. The portion sizes at Harry's are much larger than you would expect at an upscale dining room since usually the higher the price, the smaller the servings. So, be sure to go hungry or don't order as many different items if you like to clean your plate.

My husband Ronnie and I dined at Harry's and really enjoyed our meal. Ronnie had lobster bisque, salad, and surf & turf (lobster and filet mignon). I had tuna tartare, beefeater tomatoes and Gorgonzola cheese, and surf & turf. All were Delicious. Ronnie had the cheesecake for dessert, but since I was stuffed, I limited myself to the sorbet.

Carnival Liberty Dining Venues

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